looking for a pinto stallion to breed to


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For Standardbred the mare has to be of show quality, not coarse, good bone, strong correct quarters and look balanced overall, with some width to her. She needs to be a good mover. We don't worry if the shoulder, neck or head is a bit short/heavy provided it's in balance as this family is strong in putting on fronts. Size is not an issue so long as she is a good sort.

For Thoroughbreds it's similar requirements although they tend to be good fronted already, we more look to avoid a long back and a long neck, crooked legs.

Basically only because we know what this family produces and so what type of mare is needed to get a good result; nobody can afford to waste their time and money experimenting in this economy!

this sb mare is a good looking horse but not that solid built unfort she has a very bad injury from racing and is sore when running :( but when she was injury free she had a massive ex trot. the foal that she had last year is built like a little tank and is so pretty i was thinking to breed to this filly i wouldnt be able to for years to come :(

Medicine Dance was standing in Victoria. After 2 seasons here he was put to sleep due to servere arthritis. I breed skewbald standardbreds. I was the first 1 to have a buckskin skewbald standie in australia

There was a colt floating around in W.A some where but he has possibly been gelded by now. If i were you I would look at the vast pool of non SB Pinto Stallions here as City girl suggested if you are really after a Pinto. You may find a SB Pinto, but you may get a solid coloured horse and end up with another SB, so depends what you are after . There was only one SB Pinto that threw 100% colour and he was in Queesland but has since been sold to Ireland.
Goodluck in your search :)
He was sold to Victoria (medicine dance) now deceased