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Seven tested after new Qld Hendra case
2:55pm July 7, 2013

Seven people are nervously waiting for test results after a horse infected with the deadly Hendra virus was put down in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Queensland's Chief Veterinary Officer Rick Symonds says the unvaccinated horse was euthanased on Friday after becoming ill a day earlier.

There are no more horses on the property, but Biosecurity Queensland has quarantined it to address environmental contamination.

Seven people who came in contact with the horse are also being assessed.

Other animals that might have been taken from the property will also be tested.

"While under quarantine, restrictions will apply to moving horses and horse materials on and off the property," Dr Symonds said.

"We will continue to contact trace to ensure no one else requires treatment."

It is the fourth case of Hendra in Queensland this year.

But it isn't related to the Hendra-related death of another unvaccinated horse in the Brisbane Valley in June, Dr Symonds said.

"This second Hendra virus incident within two weeks highlights that most Hendra virus incidents occur in June to August, although they can occur at any time of the year," he said.

"They are another reminder to horse owners that it is important for them to take steps year round to reduce the risk of Hendra virus infection."

Biosecurity officers are expected to keep the property in quarantine for several more days.

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The Gold Coast news reported on Monday that 4 of the people that came into contact with the horse, did so after the horse had been tested. Unaware the horse was sick they (Neighbours) went onto the property to help the horse which had become tangled in a fence. Only found out after the fact that the horse had been tested... #(

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from nine msn news
NSW vets issue Hendra warning
11:21am July 21, 2013

Authorities are calling for more horses to be vaccinated against the deadly Hendra virus, with the first dog in NSW to be infected put down.

The incident follows the Hendra death of a horse from the same property on the mid-north coast near Macksville on July 4.

NSW Chief Veterinary Officer Ian Roth said there have never been other species aside from humans and horses that had been affected by Hendra in the state.

"It's the first dog in NSW," Dr Roth told AAP,

"We believe it got Hendra from direct contact with the infected horse on that property."

The first dog to be put down after catching Hendra was in Queensland last year.

Dr Roth said that theoretically cats and ferret can also catch the virus although there have never been any cases.

But a new vaccine, which has been available for six months, will protect horses from the virus, he said.

"We encourage people to preventative measure," Dr Roth said.

"You'll not only be protecting your horse, you'll protect yourself, your family and your companion animals."

The latest deaths come after another horse from Kempsey and two from Macksville died after contracting Hendra, all within the last six weeks.

There have also been several cases of Hendra in Queensland in the last 12 months.

Horses can contract the virus by eating feed or drinking water contaminated with body fluids and excretions from flying foxes infected with the virus.

Dr Roth said flying foxes had the biggest population in the mid-north coast and therefore cases there were often numerous.

In 2011, there was a spike in the number of cases in Queensland and NSW with 18 outbreaks and 24 reported cases, according to the CSIRO.

Since 1994, four people have been killed from Hendra, all of them in Queensland.
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