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Woman faces anxious Hendra wait
07:51 AEST Fri Jul 20 2012

A woman is in a Brisbane hospital undergoing an urgent assessment after high-level exposure to the deadly Hendra virus.

The woman was holding a foal at her Rockhampton property when it died from the virus on Sunday.

She now faces an agonising wait to learn if she's been infected.

A spokeswoman for the Princess Alexandra Hospital told AAP the woman had requested privacy and did not want details about her condition released.

But the ABC reported she was in a stable condition.

The hospital spokeswoman said the woman's condition was not expected to change quickly, given the incubation period for the virus.

On Thursday, Queensland Health's chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said the woman would be offered an experimental antibody treatment which prevents Hendra from developing.

The monoclonal antibody is highly effective in animals but only three people have been given the antibody and have shown no adverse effects, Dr Young said.

The woman's partner and a male vet received a low level of exposure to the virus at the Rockhampton property but is not considered to be in danger.

It's the fifth case of a horse dying from Hendra in Queensland this year and follows a record 10 horse deaths in 2011.

I am keeping this lady in my thoughts and hope she escapes without contracting the virus. I found it interesting to read the 2011 statistic as I was sure it was higher so went investigating and found it was 12 dead in QLD and 10 in NSW

interesting site here fro anyone wanting to know more.
Hendra virus: the initial research | Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry | Queensland Government Documents/Notifiable Diseases Information Sheets/Hendra Virus.pdf
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on nine msn tonight.

2 horses euthanased on Hendra-hit property
20:43 AEST Fri Jul 27 2012

Two horses at a central Queensland property quarantined because of a Hendra disease outbreak have been euthanased.

A foal died of Hendra virus on the hobby farm, near Rockhampton, last week.

Queensland chief veterinary officer Dr Rick Symons says the horses suddenly became ill and were showing nervous signs.

They were put down at the owners' request to prevent further suffering.

"The rapid onset of illness and the clinical signs all suggested Hendra virus infection, which was confirmed by laboratory test results late yesterday," Dr Symons said in a statement on Friday.

"There are no more horses on the property, but there are still two dogs.

"They are being monitored daily and the property will remain under quarantine until late August."

The property owner's initial tests for Hendra virus have been returned negative.

She suffered a high-level of exposure to the bat-borne virus, which is usually fatal in humans, after nursing the foal before its death.

Three properties near Mackay also remain under quarantine after a confirmed case of Hendra virus last month.

Biosecurity Queensland confirmed on Friday night that it was quarantining a property in the Cairns area after a horse returned an initial positive test for Hendra virus infection.

Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Rick Symons, said the horse was sick on Wednesday and died on Friday morning.

A number of other horses are known to be on the property, and Biosecurity Queensland is identifying what other animals came into contact with the deceased horse.

"Movement restrictions will apply to horses and horse materials on and off the infected property throughout the quarantine period," Dr Symons said in a statement.

It is the sixth Hendra virus incident in Queensland this year.

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on nine msn this morning.

Glad I dont own horses in QLD. thoughts go to everyone effected.

Qld equestrian centre under quarantine
17:36 AEST Sat Jul 28 2012

A north Queensland equestrian centre has been quarantined after tests confirmed a horse that died there on Friday morning was infected with the deadly Hendra virus.

Five people have been identified as having had low level contact with the horse.

Biosecurity Queensland chief vet Rick Symons says quite a few horses have been through the Cairns centre in recent weeks.

"We are conducting tracing of these horses and speaking to the owners," he said in a statement on Saturday.

Queensland's chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young says those identified as having been exposed to the virus would be provided with all the information and support they required.

"We acknowledge that these are difficult circumstances for these people," she said in a statement.

It's the sixth Hendra outbreak in Queensland this year.

A property at Rockhampton and two properties near Mackay remain under quarantine after recent confirmed cases of Hendra virus infection.

A Rockhampton woman is in a stable condition with no signs of the virus after she sustained high level exposure to a horse that died from Hendra two weeks ago.

Last year a record 10 horses died in Queensland as a result of the Hendra virus.
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