J J Lyall Breaking and Education


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Thanks Sam great action shots.

Lol EVP Destiny is part percheron and a big girl and all this after a week.:)

I wanted to show just how versitile a trainer Jayden is and the connections he has with different breeds/temprements.

After those shots she was going around nice and calm. On Tuesday my daughter is having her first ride on her. We are so happy with how both our girls are going.


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CDA i think he's from NSW. Last time I was talking to him he was looking at coming over again early next year again to start a few that he couldn't fit in to this trip.


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Am posting this on behalf of Jayden.

Jayden is back in WA for at least 6 months and is now taking horses in for breaking and educating. He has his own establishment with stables and is available for all your horse needs. Feel free to contact him on 0411847781


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Now just to get him AQHA and WAQHA membership so he can show Zophia in the upcoming futurities and states. **)


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Blahahaha No not anymore :(
He gave me the cold shoulder for you!!!!
Road Trip me thinks to Chardonays soon as she said it will only take us an hour & half!!!
Well us two maybe Half a day and some Adventures along the way *#)*#)
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Another pic of one of Jayden's breakers. 2yo colt 2nd ride after spell, cool and calm AND BEING FED ON OATS

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