J J Lyall Breaking and Education


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PMSL Not to worry Sil. We were laughing about the likeness last night too.

Shows her true personality though.


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can someone PM me his number again lol I deleted old PMs and I want to refer a future client on to Jadan

Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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I was fortunate the last week to get some photos of Jayden riding Zophia....She is coming along great guns :)
Lovely pics sam & max they show how Zophia can move out beautifully and so straight. Unfortunately a lot of QH's can't move and have short choppy movement, we always new Zophia could move but to to see her extend forward so well is very pleasing. Jayden is doing an awesome job with her but Mr T and Dayna I know you have put in the hard yards so a BIG congrats to you guys also:))

One very proud nanna here :)*



Sam & Max

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what great pics sam!!!! how awesome is the bimbo...**)can i ask what camera you have?
Fanks :D....Its a baby one lol.....canon 1000D...Its all I could afford but I love it :)

can someone PM me his number again lol I deleted old PMs and I want to refer a future client on to Jadan
Jaydens number is... 0411 847-781....im not a stalker....The number is on the 1st page of this thread LOL.....I think he is back in March and November again....*think*


Ha back in March and November but definaetly not a stalker lol I didnt know that so I am not a stalker just a random perver bahahahah

Sam & Max

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I love that pic of Zophia smiling........classic!
Its a pity its a bit blury....Absolute fluke of a photo tho....Split second more and would of missed it......

Bugger.....Will put Beau's pics up tomorrow.....and a few more of zophia....gotta get to bed....up at 4.45...ugh!

feather feet

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he really is a great trainer,those pics are fantastic..i cant wait to send tyson to him..i wanna see him do a backflip off an 17hh+ clydesdale stallion:p...and sam..your camera is on my xmas list**)
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