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We would like to welcome J J Lyall Breaking and Education as an advertiser on Stockyard.

My name is Jayden Lyall and I am one of four children of Donna & Darren Lyall. Together with my parents and my three sisters, Ashlee, Chloe and Casey we originally lived in Newcastle, New South Wales before my family relocated to a property in Tamworth New South Wales whilst my sisters and I were young.

My family has a great history as horse breakers throughout the generations. My grandfather was a renowned horseman passing on his skills and knowledge to my father Darren, who himself was a very talented horseman working as a breaker and educator for over 30 years. Growing up from an early age and watching my father working with horses it gave me an ambition to follow in my family?s tradition and live my dream and work with horses.

I started riding at an early age usually following my father around the yards in and amongst the stock. It was at the age of eight when my riding career took its path. My father placed me on some of the quiet breakers he had bareback and told me to learn to ride without a saddle before he would buy me my first saddle. His reasoning was to teach me to have an independent seat and for the horse and I to work as one. From this point in time my future was taking shape.

Over the following years my horse skills improved and my father sent me to learn different riding styles and techniques with other local families. My early riding years brought many fruits in drafting and timed disciplines where I won numerous titles. I started riding calves at a young age also, progressing through the ranks up to the open events in bull-riding and bronco riding, where I still compete to this day.

My breaking career started in my early teens under the tutorage of my father. Where I started a few of my own horses and a few friends. Over the next few years my skills and knowledge improved to a point where by my late teens, I was starting horses for customers. With the success I was gaining and the respect of the public the decision was made to start up a business and offer my skills to the wider community. My career in breaking and educating of horses started and I have been working in the field ever since.

My philosophy when starting or training a horse is to gain the horses trust which enables a bond to be formed which makes the ensuring process easier on both horse and rider. Paramount is a belief in the requirement of mutual respect between horse and human. Once the respect exists, the horse wants to be there, of its own volition and choice ? not because its spirit is broken. Love and fear cannot co-exist. If someone has a horse with no manners, a horse that is ignorant, dominating with the humans around it, people begin to become fearful and find it difficult to love. I know that the best chance I can personally give a horse in its life is ensuring the job I do is done correctly.

Jayden currently resides in Dubbo NSW where he has established himself as a respected horseman. Generally horses sent to be started under saddle will be required for 4 weeks, but this time may vary slightly depending on the horse?s progress. Throughout the process, the owner will be kept up to date on their horse?s development and owners are encouraged to come and view the horses as they are being worked. At the end of the 4 weeks, Jayden guarantee?s that the horse will be well broken and quiet.

Jayden is happy to provide ongoing support after the horse is broken in or the training process is finished. In every case possible, Jayden will ride the horse for the owner, after which the owner or nominated rider can ride the horse while Jayden is there. Clients can then have the peace of mind of knowing that their horse has very sound basics and are ready to carry on with.

If you want a soft, caring, professional breaker who is fully insured and willing to travel interstate why not give Jayden a call and discuss your needs.

[email protected] 0411 847-781
hello CDA.

Hello Shyloh,

I will be in WA from mid October breaking some horses for a QH stud. Am also looking for more work whilst I am there. I do not have a website but am looking into setting one up in the future. The easiest way is for interested people to contact me on the mobile and we can discuss their needs and work out a price.
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Due to work commitments I don't always have reliable internet access so the best bet is to call me and we can discuss your needs. Am hoping on picking up a few more customers either before I head over or whilst I am in WA. Will be there for approx 4-5 weeks and I guarantee the horses will be soft, responsive and well broken within that time.

I welcome owners to watch me work from the very first day to the very last.
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Hello Shyloh,

I cannot speak highly enough of the skills and professionalism of Jayden. Due to current circumstances we could not start our Junior stallion Coliban ThreeBars of Gold so we had to source a reputed breaker. As our stallions are the face of our breeding enterprise we had to have the right person to start them. Jayden has been fantastic and would be the best breaker we have seen for many many years. Horses are so relaxed throughout the process which is a testament to his skills.

If you are thinking about using him, just do it. You will never look back. How many breakers welcome a set of eyes watching them???


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Welcome to the forum Jayden.

I always like to offer personal opinions based on personal EXPERIENCE.

The same goes for personal recommendations.

Jayden was kind enough to take my 2 year old colt - "Alex" - at short notice.

The horse arrived in Dubbo Saturday 4th September @ around 2PM.
It was a huge day for the boy.....6 1/2 hours in the float.
For 4 days previous he had been brought up from his friends and babysitter to a house paddock so that I could introduce him to our float. Most of our horses go via transporter but "Alex" was being driven out to Dubbo in the hope we could bring some hay back.

"Alex" spent 3 nights getting used to the open float and was found every morning standing in there asleep - out of the rain, he proceeded to eat every meal in the float (renamed Bindi's Meals on Wheels).

Come Saturday at 4:50AM in the pouring NSW rain (we've had inches and inches) along with gale-force winds, he was loaded and began his big road trip.

Jayden collected Alex yesterday. Today Alex had a mane and forelock trim, stockwhip, mouthing gear, and some genuine bonding time with lots of face pats. All my horses love a big face pat and rub!!

This afternoon before sunset Alex was mounted bareback and stood patiently chewing, mostly likely wondering when his dinner was coming.

I have been associated with a number of horsemen over our 25 years in racing and performance horse ownership & competition.
I have seen the worst and best in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. I count amoung personal friends, world champion competitors, trainers & judges.

Let me say this, I am more than pleased right now. As a breeder who relies on the talent and skill of real horsemen to introduce my horses into elite competition, I can honestly and unreservedly say, that this young man is a true diamond.

Jayden knows the meaning of the word "soft". He obviously has no point to prove with his horses, nor from our 4 phone calls does he sound the type of individual who uses horses as an extension of his ego. He sounds a quiet, gentle young man who really KNOWS and respects horses.

As a "consumer" who is using Jaydens services right now and still has a few weeks to go, all I can say is:

"Thank you Jayden for reaffirming and validating the calibre of horses that I've always been so proud to turn out"

I look forward to the regular phone updates, pics and video via Davrac and will greedily post them for all to see.

Bindi Camarda
Eden-Vale Performance Horses.


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Here is some pics of EVP's red roan colt taken today at his 2nd day of breaking

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Again, a huge thankyou to Jayden. Alex looks as happy as a pig in the proverbial....and yes Dubbo has had plenty of rain too!

I knew Alex was a special fellow, I knew from just my normal herd routine and association that he was a relaxed individual who just wanted to stay out of trouble (he likes to let the other colts do all the colt things) and he was always the first up to the bike for face pats.

Being physically challenged (I'm being kind to myself here) my horses HAVE to have some sensibilities - otherwise what is a passion can become a danger....so they all tend to have a degree of sense and quiet confidence.

Alex is shaping up to be everything I knew he would.....I'm so glad that others are getting to see "the white poofta boy"!

Three Solid Bars out of Tweed Phillipa Chex (aka the Princess)
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Hi All,

I have managed to secure an establishment in Pinjarra to use as a base so if anyone is interested please feel free to call me and we can discus your needs. Will be in WA mid October
Hey All,

I will be arriving around the 18th October or there abouts, once air-fare tickets are purchased I can confirm dates. I still have a few places available for anybody interested.


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Wishing everyone the best and hope to hear all about your horses progress under Jayden's guideance. Oh and photo's are a must


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Well we are all ready for him:) its exciting to think two of my girls will finally be under saddle, cant wait.


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Zophia's got her bags packed and is ready to go.

Teeth done - check
Farrier done - check
Full health check and all clear by the vet - check

Yep she's all ready to go.
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