Insuring the older brood mare


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Just wondering for those who have brood mares 16yrs +, who do you insure with? I've rung a couple to try and insure Danni (18), but because I didn't get a pre-vet check prior the breeding, I haven't found anyone to cover her.

Any ideas would be fantastic!!!


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honestly?? I'd say don't bother, not many companies like to insure older horses. The company I am with is a bit dubious of anything over 12yrs, and if 14 yrs even less likely to accept, but if they were then the premiums are loaded alot higher rates to the point of tipping practicality.


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If the mare is in foal can you insure the pregnancy?
If she is in foal you might just have to wait until foal is born and do it then.

Most insurers will not insure a horse over the age of 16. I guess they figure its on the southern end of the life expectancy gauge.....lolol

But they might insure pregnancies if they get a vet certificate on her health?

Try Logans.........they insure pregnancies and ET's and foals after 24 hours old.


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Thanks for the replies.

I rang around and noone would insure her. I'll get insurance as soon as bub is 24 hrs old (prob with Logans) and see if I can get Danni covered then also.

They wont insure the pregnancy due to her age, and due to the fact I don't have a vet certificate for her pre-preg health. If I had that it would have been a lot easier LOL

Thanks for the replies :)