Humble heroes risk lives to lead horses trapped in NSW floods to safety


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When fast-rising floodwater surrounded Ann Biasol's home one of her first thoughts was for the safety of her horses.

She lives in a rural area south of Crescent Head on the NSW Mid North Coast and vast areas were inundated.

Ms Biasol says State Emergency Service crews told her they couldn't reach her, so she appealed to friends for help.

"When my house started to be impacted with absolutely all land around me under water, I knew I was to lose power, so I reached out," she said.

She contacted friends Robyne English, a local, and Amanda Hancock, from the Sunshine Coast, who quickly hit social media to ask for help.



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What a horrible ideal to go through with your beloved horses & the people that helped you rescue them from flood waters are true heroes.
I also have been in a similar, distressing situation with my dear old mare, wading through raging flood waters to get to her, only to find, to my absolute relief that she had swum to higher ground to where her paddock buddies were, with a heavy canvas rug on.
It was a very traumatic day & one I wouldn't want to experience again
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