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  1. Angimac

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    Horses going up on the Echuca Wednesday page. They have added two clydie mares and a nice looking grey with dark legs Percheron gelding.
  2. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Andrew Wilson & Co has horses going up for the Colac sale on Sunday.
    Daffy will be there for transport.
  3. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Maffra bought a few horses from the Echuca sales today. Including a nice standie gelding broken to saddle and the Percheron gelding which is broken in.
    They will have a short time and can be looked at on Save A Slaughter Horse - Australia page.
  4. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    13 year old Haflinger mare only halter broken at Colac on Sunday.
  5. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Haflinger mare sold for $2,200 at Colac.

    Lots of nice horses went through with about 17 bought by Maffra. Mostly tbs and standies. But there was a Percheron cross, tb x stockhorse and some qhs. They can be viewed on Save A Slaughter Horse page if not gone up the hill already.

    Gamble On A Spin 2016 splash white paint colt will be at Andrew Wilson & Co Echuca sale on Friday 23rd.
  6. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    More horses going up on the Andrew Wilson & Co sales page for Echuca sale on Friday.

    Stiletto is going back through the sale. He is a 9 year old 13.1hh registered Welsh gelding. He was a successful show pony but has been in the wrong hands a while back. (No papers at the auction on Friday, maybe they want to sell them separate.)

    Also seems an Arab stud dispersal. They have the following horses (papers will be in sales office) going to be there:-
    Cargil Valley Splinter 15 years Anglo Arab mare - broken in
    Cargil Valley Jorjia 13 years Anglo Arab mare - broken in
    Cargil Valley Heartbreaker 5 years Arab gelding - not broken in
    Phoenix Park Tribute 21 years Arab mare - broodmare but broken in
    Chipawood Miss Divine 17 years Arab mare - not broken in
    Kaidon Park Jamika 19 years Arab/Wmbld mare - broken in

    They will probably go through the meat pens.

    There is another horse going through with "No Meat Buyers" on the pre-sale ad. This is like waving a red flag to a bull.
  7. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    I think most of the Arabs got saved by the Arabian Rehoming group over East.

    There are a quite a few poor standies and tbs at the Echuca sale on Wednesday 28th February.

    On Saturday 3rd March there is a sale at Pakenham Victoria, nice old type QH 16 yr old mare Compact Marigold - broken in.

    Also on Saturday 3rd March there is a sale at Bairnsdale Victoria with 4 clydie mares (reg. CCHS), 1 black and 4 bay.
    Names are Larvistryn Eclipse, Larvistryn Rose-Anne, Larvistryn D's First Lady and Larvistryn D's Bonnie Lass (this one maybe in foal to Hillside Park William).

    Two pony mares with foals and a 3 yr old filly by High Standards Man of War (Dec).
  8. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Just found out that the mare with the "No Meat Buyers" sign ended up there anyway. Just makes them more determined.

    There 4 clydie mares from Saturday's sale all went private from $3,000 each.
    There was also a 5 yr old 18hh clydie gelding that was broken to chains, sled and saddle. Also been shown that went for $4,000. Someone got a bargain.
    Come on Lotto.

    Unfortunately that is where the good news for that sale ends. Somehow Maffra bought horses from both the Bairnsdale and Pakenham sales (I hope who ever was doing the absentee bidding did not bid on behalf of a dogger). They will be available for a short time before they go up the hill. There is a nice old buckskin pony, poor things teeth are worn.
    All details are on Save A Slaughter Horse page. Please click on the Home or Discussion icon to see all the horses. They even have horses in WA on the page.
  9. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    I forgot all about the 4 poor horses at SHEPP Second Chance Horses the truck goes in the morning. These people supply horses to Peterborough SA and Caboolture QLD for processing for human consumption overseas.
    Nice TB mare, super quiet and friendly; Standy mare Shez No Jet (Jet Laag) 11 yrs old, super sweet; Gorgeous stockhorse filly, maybe in foal 14.3hh and QHx colt/gelding? very pretty.

    They get more money for them when for human consumption yet they sell them for up to $400 less than Maffra and Depot Horses In Transit (to you know where).

    Can people stop breeding for just the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  10. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    RIP 92 Doomsday unnamed TB mare and 50 Shez No Jet left on their journey to Belgium plate this morning.:mad::_ (:mad::_ (
    Unfortunately they were short on numbers.
    The stkh filly and qhx colt still have some time.

    There is another sale on Friday.

    Les Evans Horses has two small unhandled mares, one with a foal at side being sold separate. These two girls are both in foal and will deliver any day now.

    Also Maffra have an unhandled mare with 4 month old foal. Large pony size.

    They may be brumby but not sure. The brumbies are rounded up now and again and put through the meat pens.
  11. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Andrew Wilson & Co has horses going up on his page for the sale tomorrow (Friday 9/3).
    Nice almost 18hh Clydie stallion (do not think papered), Murraydale Park Melanie section A welsh and Watchirs Danny buckskin HSH.

    Lots of other horses, some with papers in office. Photos and videos going up now.
    They have absentee bidding.

    Any horses bought by Shepp will probably go to SA or QLD early Monday morning (12/3).
  12. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The Clydie stallion was 15 yrs old and sold to private (not all dealers are listed so hopefully not bought to breed bitzas) for $1,900.

    Shepp got 10 horses but the truck is going so maybe not a chance to be homed. The horses were 4 Standies, a percheronxqh mare, a brumby mare, wmbldx mare, tb gelding The Last Laugh (not, very sad) $36,000 won, tb mare 20 yrs old Minelli won $100,000 and a yearling stockhorse colt.
  13. Flipant

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  14. Flipant

    Flipant New Member

    I am homing the perch x qh mare from Shepp. Waiting on transport and haven't seen her yet. I know nothing about her and it would be great if anyone knew anything.
    In late January I also rescued a galloway chestnut gelding. Showy, bolshy but very people oriented. I got him from Shepp but apparently he came through Hamilton. I know nothing of him, not even if hed broken ( hard to believe he wouldnt be) . Any idea where I can find more info about yhrse two?
  15. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Flipant congratulations on homing the nice Percheron x qh mare. Shepp bought her at the sale, I cannot remember if there was a vendor write up on the mare or only the brief one line that the auctioneer's assessor (also takes absentee bids) put on the sales page for the mare. Has Ebony said anything about her at Shepp.
    Was the chestnut gelding one of the directs.
    Unfortunately horses seem to be a commodity for making money. I have made other threads about these sales on here.
    There are welsh and xs and minis that go through about twice a year. These people just let them all run together and when get to numbers they cannot feed, they are rounded up and put through the sales to make money. The vendors do not care who buys them, its all for $$$$$$$$$$. There is not much hope for unhandled horses or ponies at these sales.

    There are also unscrupulous dealers that see cheap or free horses available which they send through the sales. One even takes his wife and daughter with him and says the daughter is looking for a pony club or competition horse.
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  16. Angimac

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    Just a heads up for the heavy horse fans. Andrew Wilson & Co will be holding their annual heavy horse sale on Friday 27th April at the Elmore Equestrian Centre. The sale will be starting at 1pm (I believe it will be eastern standard time, I think daylight savings will be finished by then). If you know anyone local there will be at least 20 pallets of rabbit, poultry, livestock and horse feed. They can also pre-order float panels (8) and round yard panels (12 and gate). Not sure where they are manufactured.
    No horses up on the site for this sale yet, but has started for this Friday 21st March at Echuca. Then Wednesday 28th March on Echuca Horse Sales - Wednesday, this sale has gotten worse since new auction company has taken over - bad photos and no info.
  17. Angimac

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    Shepp Second Chance Horses facebook has 11 horses left from last Friday's Echuca sale. These are mostly thoroughbred mares.

    Pens are 142 Stockhorse x Stallion (very nice horse and not stallion like), 89 unnamed 2010 Tb mare by Man of Illusion and out of Annie Get Your Gun, 349 Arab x riding mare, 92 Amaizing Sky 2013 Tb mare by Shinzig and out of Orange Rusky, 129 Unnamed 2006 Tb mare by by Regal Shot and out of When We're Smiling, 95 Tb mare Elvis And Eye by Elvstroem, 114 unnamed Standie colt S3150706, 106 Standie mare 2010 Major Destiny, 124 Tb mare 2005 Knight Vision by Foxhound, 131 Tb mare Mahaz Kinta 2007 by Dubai Destination and 128 Tb mare no chip found (2 over 1 on off shoulder, stud brand cannot read from photo).

    These horses will be on limited time now. If you know anyone interested in these horses please go to the page and share.
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  18. Angimac

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    8 horses left Shepparton on the truck for either Peterborough SA or Caboolture Qld, and then onto Belgium. :_ (:mad::_ (:( As you can see young (2 year old Standie colt) or well bred horses. The poor thoroughbred girls had worked very hard wherever they came from.
    Saved horses were in pens 349, 142, 92 and 91 at Echuca sale on Friday.

    Some more poor Standie and Tb mares went through Echuca yesterday and ended up at Maffra.

    I am sick of all these horses and ponies being either thrown into these saleyards once they have been used up, or dubious dealers taking their family and saying said horse "is for my daughter to compete on" or "they will have a home for life with us. We have xxxx acres".

    I do not know if it is worthwhile putting these horses on here. I guess it would be too expensive for transport to WA anyway.
    There are just too many horses. Please be careful when selling horses to Eastern States. As mentioned, in my previous posts here and my other threads, there are a lot more sales than these. These are the ones that post horses on there sale pages. Even stolen horses could easily be put through a sale such as these.

    I am tossing up whether to continue looking, it just breaks my heart each week when some do not make it.
    There have been thoroughbreds thrown away by owners/trainers with bowed tendons etc and been turned out to rest and heal for a while and won races. One (Henning) won 5 picnic races in a row. Also Captain Material was bought from Echuca sales.
  19. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Horses starting to go up for the Andrew Wilson & Co Echuca auction on Friday.
    Nice QH grey mare with filly foal. Was running with the deceased stallion Stylish Spin Up.

    Also grey mare Tolinda that was bred by Vic Police. She is related to Sergeant Crisp (I believe he has been bought by someone in WA). The pre sale write up is a bit confusing as to how Tolinda is related to him.
    She is a broodmare.
  20. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Ok Shepp Meats got 21 horses yesterday because no one bid. There is an appy, some stockhorses and crosses, also the usual tbs and standies.
    Some very well bred thoroughbred mares went on the truck Tuesday (Elvis and Eye etc).

    There is 7 tbs, most are under 10 years old, if anyone is looking for a well bred horse here they are:-

    Pen 56 Tb gelding Baywatch, 95 Tb gelding Red Five, 107 Tb mare Spanish Princess, 108 Tb mare Royal Victoria, 109 Tb mare Away N Gonski (she well and truly will if not saved), 113 Tb gelding unnamed by Court Command and 114 Tb mare El El Ellie (sired by Elvstroem same as poor Elvis and Eye).

    There is also 3 Standie mares, 2 stockhorses and the appy. Also 7 horses that had no details on the auction page.

    If anyone is interested please check out the SHEPP Second Chance Horses page. The truck could leave at anytime and then they will be on their way to Belgium/France.

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