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    Besides the Andrew Wilson & Co run Echuca horse sale on Friday 17/11, they will also be running a performance horse sale on Saturday 2/12 at Elmore Equestrian Park.

    On Saturday 25/11 Pakenham Horse Auctions will be running a ridden and heavy horse sale at Pakenham.

    There will also be a sale run by Echuca Horse Sales - Wednesday on the 22/11.

    It is leading up to Christmas so the demand for horses by the export meat trade will be up.
  2. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The horses from the station are already in the pens today.
    There are also a number of alpine brumbies going through.
  3. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The Echuca horse sale today was a shambles for the 89 horses.
    15 lucky ones got passed in. 17 (mostly the unnamed tbs that had been sitting in paddocks at the stud) are at Shepp Second Chance Horses before they go to Belgium or Asia.
    Then there is Maffra, depot and the other doggers/dealers. Would say they got half of the other horses. :(
  4. Angimac

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    Found out further information on the thoroughbreds that went through Echuca today. They are unnamed but all seem to have their ID cards, not sure if Shepp got them or you would have to go back to Wilsons. Thoroughbreds are sired by Via Corone.
    Shepp also got a stockhorse mare, registered name is Moorooluck Champagne.

    There is also a WA thoroughbred mare "LEXY" (looks like conjoined GP brand) at Maffra (son a dogger, they just walk horses up the hill) that he has gotten privately.

    The girls from Save a Slaughter Horse Australia list horses around Australia that are at the doggers.
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  5. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Just an update. WA "LEXY" is by Exceed and Excel and people say very good bloodlines. She is the one at Maffa.

    The horses at Shepp have only got till Monday to be homed.
  6. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The chestnut roan QH gelding at Shepp has been sold. Does not look good for the other 16 (this includes 12 tbs 3 named: Adios Atlantis, Golden Mar and Coffee Got Him or Her (not good photo), 3 stock horses and the standie mare) they only have until early morning (Monday 20/11). This includes a poor Standie mare (Ears Sweety). She produced 9 foals for the industry and then thrown away.:_ (
    These horses follow the dealers daughter around like pets looking for treats.
    Shepp Second Chance Horses has a lot of members and it would only take $2 each to save them.
    Why oh why is there such waste of these beautiful creatures.
  7. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The truck has gone, 7 unnamed tbs some broken in, 2 named tbs (Coffee Got Him and Adios Atlantis), 2 young stockhorse geldings and the standie mare.
    May have to add Moorooluck Champagne if payment did not come through in time.
  8. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The stockhorses (some crossed with heavy breeds that had Kidman Station brands) that got passed in at the Echuca horse auction on Friday 17th are going through the Pakenham Horse Sale tomorrow, Saturday 25th.
    One poor chestnut with blaze and no other white has large lump on left hock.
    Going to be 33 degrees, hope some people turn up. There were no people at the Echuca Friday sale that is why dealers/doggers got so many.
    The poor 12 horses that went on the Shepp truck for the European or Japanese plates.
  9. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Most of the horses that were bought by Maffra went up the hill.

    There are two sales listed on Andrew Wilson and Co sales page. One at Echuca on Friday 1st and Elmore Saturday 2nd.

    Some nice horses going through both days. For Arab people the Shirwill stud owner is sick and there will be 15 pure and part bred papered arabs going through on Friday. I think most are black bred.

    Saturdays sale have everything from papered Palouse to warmbloods (do not know if papered) (Garryen stud).

    There are also Laffylane qhs, Belgium x Percheon, Percheon x Connemara, coloured standardbred. There is too many horses up on the page and not separated into the sale dates. You have to look at the top of the horses description page to see what day they are going to be auctioned.

    There were hardly any people at the last fortnights sales, absentee bidding is through Rachael, details on the page.

    They are presently 3 hours ahead of WA.
  10. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Very nice arabs and qhs, ponies etc at Echuca saleyards for the Andrew Wilson and Co auction tomorrow. One mare has a 3 week old foal at her side and in foal again. This is despite the 20 to 60mm expected at Echuca during the storms in Victoria tomorrow.
    Going to be a dealer/dogger field day.
  11. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Shepp Meats got about 12 horses yesterday. Mostly tbs but some nice qhxs and stockhorse xs. Nice chestnut warmblood gelding but windsucks.
    SHEPP Second Chance Horses fb.
    Nothing on what Maffra got yet.
  12. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Just looked on the Save A Slaughter Horse Australia page. I forgot all about Bairnsdale Horse Sales yesterday and Maffra got a lot of very nice horses, they were at the sale because of marriage breakup. Poor horses.

    There is a nice tb x stockhorse gelding, chestnut with lots of bling. Young teenager handled, checked all over and hopped on bareback.
    From the fire into the frying pan, a nice coloured Jeparit pony.
    A few, paints, pintos and pintaloosas by High Country Hillbilly. Pinto by Cassius Gold. Appy out of Shatted (or should that be Shattered) Dreams.
    Also a few by Northbound Supa Goer and Hank Man Leo.

    If you have any friends in Victoria or maybe even SA/NSW. They will only have a few days to be homed and then they go next door to his sons knackery.
  13. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Looking at the Save A Slaughter Horse Australia page there is only 3 of the coloured horse sold. Not looking good do not know when they are going up the hill but will not be long.

    There has been 3/4 sales since the 3/12/2017 and some nice standies and tbs on death row now.
    One is a WA TB Blessed Forever (not for long) 3 yr old gelding and a NSW chestnut TB Corruption Charge 4 yr old mare. Also 3 unnamed TB geldings.

    These are all nice young horses, the only thing is too much breeding and not enough homes.
  14. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    A friend of the person that sent Blessed Forever has come forward to say he is broken in and a nice horse.
    This poor young gelding was born on a stud in WA and was either purchased as a ridden prospect for some one over on the east coast or Depot Horses In Transit (dogger) collected (he buys from all over Australia) him, but this is where the gelding ends up on the DHT facebook page and was bought by the friend to save him. The purchaser has to cut numbers so he goes to the sales and is now headed for human consumption in Europe or Japan.
    All this in his 3 very short years.

    What is going on with the horse industry? All I can see is greed.
  15. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Oh no I forgot to put 5 stockhorse cross weanlings that someone sent direct to Shepparton Meats. Unfortunately Monday 18/12 is the last processing date so all horses will probably leave Shepparton after the sale on Friday 15/12.

    There are some nice horses at the Andrew Wilson & Co / Echuca Horse and Saddlery Auction - Friday 15/12 which include a 1999 unnamed coloured Standardbred stallion by Lord Snowtime, 7 wild donkeys (5 jacks and 2 jennys (probably in foal) people bought some last Sunday and they are friendly already (1 or 2 dappled ones), 2012 splashed white mare Gunners Smokin Dixie (I think it said papers available) by Gun Runner who is sired by Son of a Gun and a 2010 grey QH mare Take A Bow (may have papers there) by LP Kids Yella Image.

    As there will be a big demand for holiday dinners in Europe there will be a large amount of dealers in attendance.
  16. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Blessed Forever (Danny) has his funds raised and is going to a rescue. There are still 5 gorgeous horses at Shepp. They will be tagged at the end of the day and leave Vic on the one way truck.

    Hardly any comments on the horses at Echuca sale today.
  17. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Yippee Echuca saleyards do not have any horse sales until Friday 12th January (Andrew Wilson & Co) and then Wednesday 17th January (Echuca Horse Sales - Wednesday).

    On a sad note Meramist Qld starts processing some time next week. :(
  18. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The 3 coloured horses sold on Save A Slaughter Horse Australia page are very lucky indeed. The girls from the SASHA page were instructed to take down the rest of the coloured horses and the gorgeous Standies that Dave Backman Sr (dealer not dogger) at Maffra had up. They did some digging and found out that the Australian Equine Unification Scheme girls had put photos of Dave, his wife, a friend and his truck on their page which is being posted around facebook. Now any horses Backman Sr (dealer) buys at the sales will have no chance before they go to his son's knackery.
    Some do-gooders do so bad for the horses.
    RIP 15 beauties.
  19. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Andrew Wilson & Co will have 26 welsh mares and foals at the Echuca auction on Friday 9th February. Nothing under 5 years old has papers. Some older ones shown in ridden, but not been ridden for years. They are also unhandled for a while and standoffish.

    Pakenham sale is on Saturday 3rd February.
  20. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Next sale is Echuca Horse Sales - Wednesday 14/2/2018. Already listed is a 5 year old 15.3hh Skewbald Standie or Standie x Paint stallion (has not much of a chance, last stallion was a paint to go through sales and bought by shepp (human consumption agent for Peterborough SA/Caboolture QLD) and went on one way truck even though agent separated him from the other horses and he did not make a fuss. Stallions do not fair well.). He is broken to cart.
    3 year old buckskin riding pony with papers (I do not think they are putting papers on page anymore because some immature people ring breeders and abuse them for the horses ending up at the sales.).
    10 year old pally QH 14.3hh mare. Had 2 years off having foal, not for beginner. Mr War Cutter, Accidental Doc and Mr Jessie James bloodlines.

    Colac sale is on Sunday 18th February - Andrew Wilson & Co.

    Benalla sale on Sunday 25th February - National Horse & Saddlery sales.

    Not many people on here but some seem to be reading posts. If you know anyone that may be able to save a horse over east, they seem to breed a lot.

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