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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by Flyfree, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Flyfree

    Flyfree New Member

    I probably know the answer to this already a it's prob reallllly expensive but does anyone know anything around insurance wise for horses and prices etc??
  2. Teal

    Teal Well-known Member

    I have my horse insured through petplan (not sure if thats ok to say? Mods remove if not)

    Touch wood I have never had to use it, so can't say what they are like to deal with ( except that they are very efficient at taking money from my account!)

    I pay about $35 per month. For this I am covered for vets bills, with an excess of $1000 (so you would only claim if over $1000) I figured I could probably cover $1000 of bills, I would need help for super expensive bills. You can get an excess of $350 (i think it is) but that was going to cost significantly more. I would also be covered for all costs if she needed to be pts, and some cover for tack in case of theft, the amount of which escapes me.

    If you look at the petplan website you can choose what you would like to be covered for and get an automatic quote at the end.
  3. Flyfree

    Flyfree New Member

    Thanks a :)lot will take a peak
  4. Diesel91

    Diesel91 Well-known Member

    Hi Teal, did you go through petplan ? i went online for a quote and for an excess of 300 i would be paying $40 something a month?
  5. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    Cute! Fly masks may help out. It can make the horse comfort. I have tried several brands like Harrison Howard rugs Horseware rugs weatherbeeta Native Pony . Horseware is the best I think.
  6. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    Harrison Howard rugs and fly masks are not so expensive.:D
  7. Theresa Henderson

    Theresa Henderson New Member

    I never knew about such insurance.

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