Horse kicking out


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Hey all,
For some background info I lease a 9 year old thoroughbred gelding. He did not race(due to being too slow) but was race trained. He’s 16.3hh and I’ve been leasing him for a few months now.

I started riding this boy a few months ago he is a wonderful horse and we’re getting ready to go into his first show season. A few weeks ago he started kicking out/bucking. Some days are a lot worse than others he will do this in all gaits walk trot or canter. Recently he will be good for the first 20 minutes of just trotting around no kicking out whatsoever then we will have a break and when I ask him to go forward he will kick out and protest I make him move forwards so he knows he can’t get away with it but this is something he never used to do.

It’s not something he will just do with me, he does this for other riders too. We’ve had saddle fitter out and tried different saddles he still has the same behaviour. We haven’t had a chiropractor out for him yet but he doesn’t seem to be back sore and isn’t irritated at all by me rubbing my hands down his back firmly. We also have him on omeprazole in the case of ulcers. We did not scope him as the owner wanted to try treatment and see if there was improvement which there wasn’t. We also tried feeding alpha before riding to see if there would be an improvement. The first time there was definitely an improvement he still was kicking out but a lot less the second time there seemed no improvement. We gave him some time off and he came back still doing the same. We also tried a few days of bute if he’s in pain somewhere but still same behaviour

Some things that make me think this is more behavioural than anything is he doesn’t do this at all on the lunge line even with tack on only when he’s being ridden. Also a trend I’ve noticed is he does this when horses are in the middle of the ring, if everyone is on the rail he seems to be fine but he only gets testy when they’re in the middle.