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We would like to welcome AIS Insurance Brokers (Equine & Livestock Insurance) as a Sponsor and advertiser on Stockyard.

AIS have been leading the insurance of Equine and Livestock of all descriptions since 1993 and offer a range of specialised covers.

Equine Package Insurance

This cover is for horses used for "domestic" purposes such as pony club use, showing and private or recreational riding.

Horse Insurance provides cover against:

  1. death as a result of accident, illness or disease
  2. loss of the animal directly from theft or straying
  3. humane destruction if it is necessary to end incurable suffering, and is a result of an accident, illness or disease that occurred and was reported during the policy period.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock Insurance enables you to cover your livestock of any description with a single policy.

AIS can provide cover for

  • Bloodstock
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Alpaca
  • Llama
  • Ostriches
  • Working Dogs
  • And almost any other type of animal possible.

It can provide cover against:

  1. Death due to an accident
  2. Death due to an illness or disease
  3. Loss of use due to an accident
  4. Loss of use due to an illness.

No matter how many animals you have, you can elect to insure them with AIS and the cover is provided anywhere in Australia and whilst in transit.

Please check out the website for further information: AIS Insurance Brokers


AIS Insurance

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Job in Horses - South Melbourne

We have a full time job available for a person with a passion for horses and a minimum of 2 years office based experience.

You would be working in our Equine Insurance area, we insure Pleasure and Performance Horses only, as long as you have a passion and love of horses we'll teach you the rest.

Our office is in South Melbourne.

If you are interested you can email your cv and contact details to us at

Have a look at our web site at Horse Insurance in Australia


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Welcome to the forum.

Pity the job wasnt in Perth. I have insurance experience and a passion for horses- sounded like the perfect job for me ;)

Hope you found someone that suited the role.


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no reply to my email as yet but seems to be working ok this morning.:)

I also pinged and piped the output to here:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

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as you can see all is sweet with a 0% packet loss.:)



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LOL to the techno talk - to me sweet and 0% packet loss means I got to eat my lollies without having to share!!