Hormonal mare - what have you tried?

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Hi everyone, my first post, great to be here

I expect this has been done before but being a newbie, I can't find where to search for old threads.

I may be starting some training with a mare who is known to be very hormonal and apparently quite the snarky little cow to go with it. So I am wondering what treatments others have had success with (or what didn't work) either veterinary administered or herbal.

At this stage she wouldn't be used for breeding so long term side effects in that regard are not an issue.

Your experiences and thoughts appreciated.


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I haven't found herbal hormonal supplements to make any difference to moody type mares. Personally I enjoy the snarky rides, eventually we work out an agreement between us. I prefer mares, they just get me :D The mutual respect goes a long way.

There are sedating herbs like valerian root or pain relieving types like Devils Claw, neither would be advisable to use long term or in competition but could be helpful as a training aid for the days of extra explosiveness.

Some mares are deficient in Vitamin B (presents as nervousness) or other salts and minerals that assist the homeostasis of the horses body. Its a good idea to figure the feed out before turning to drugging of any kind (herbal or medical).


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Mare Magic helped one of mine that became a fire breathing dragon when she was moved to a different place and a young stud colt was roaming the place (long story). The mare magic really helped her. It's lavender and raspberry leaves, essentially. It works if it's the heat cycle that's causing a problem, as was this case. If it's not the heat cycle and she's just moody, I doubt it will help.

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