Help!!! What to do about flipped pallet


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My 6 year old standardbred recently started flipping her pallet again. She had this problem when she was three, but after a vet injection it hasn't bothered her until now. She went a mile in 1.58 (she jogged the mile - she wasn't being overworked) and flipped her pallet after the race. Her next start, she flipped it again, this time during the race. Two days later, we took her to the same vet that injected her last time and had it done again. Then, she got 10 days off just to breathe. Yesterday, she raced again but she flipped it again, during the race again, this time worse than before. Clearly, the injections didn't work. So, my options are inject again, give her the rest of the year off and try again or retire for good. This is a very special horse to me and my family and I want ti do what is right for her, but would also love to see her continue to race. Any hep would be appreciated :)