Help finding my TB branding

Archie Boy

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I'm trying to find out the history of my TB.
When i bought him in May 2019 they said he was about 18-19 yr old.
They didn't know if he was ever raced. Or where he is from.
Apologies for not using correct terminology but these are his marking brands:
LHS: has a big circle about 7cm round (brand).
RHS: 1 over 6
Colour/markings: Flea bitten grey.
Height: 15.2.
I do have photos of markings if required.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi there Archie Boy. This forum only seems to have the two-words game active.
Are you on fb? There are some great people on the Australian Brand Search Only page.
They will want full body photos and any info you can give them. With the lower number being 6 (the year he was born), he will be rising 24, 14 or 4 this year.
You will need to try and list all the info on their front page. It has red background when I looked at it.
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