For ExBritKid - pics of Holmwood Trickster being broken in


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Here you go ExBritKid. I'm pretty sure this is your boy although looking at your pics in your other thread it looks like your boy has a small sock on the off hind foot but then in the jumping photo it's not there ';' So this may not be him or it could be. Who knows ';'





Crumbs, I thought I'd resized them but then again photobucket was being a bit of a troll.


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Ummm they generally sent them to us as 2.5 - 3 year olds I think.

Can't remember exactly. My sister and I were trying to work out what year she broke him in. He went to the 2008 DJWTS in Werribee in the 4 year old class so this pic could even be a late 2006/early 2007 photo??? He was born November 2003. So yeah he could even be a three year old in this pic.

It may not be him even. They generally came to us with odd names or no names which were completely different to what they competed as! This one came to us as 'Sam'.


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I just googled my horses name to find more details on him and this popped up!
He's here in WA, and is so loved šŸ„°
If anyone sees this so far along please tell me more about his youth!