Foals for 2008-09

2008-09 foals

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Hi everyone

Unfortunately there was a stuff up in the fillies :eek: , so I need to do it again. Apologies to those that posted in the poll as you will need to do it again. Now see if I can get it right this time .........



Added my 3... may possibly have another due early next year but she wasnt scanned & everyone thinks i have a mini mare thats preg & although she looks it, i doubt it.

2 colts & 1 filly. :)


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Well finally I can add mine. 2 colts for my stallion for his first year. One Pally and one chestnut.


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WEll after 5 years i finally got my Filly, and then another LOL

So 2 Fillies for me!!!!

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