Flood stallion service Auction


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As theres now a number of WA & SY members Stallions offered on this Action.I'm going to put a link up to the SY members I know who have Stallion Services for Action- if you DONT want it up please let me know.

It would nice to raise as much as we can for the flood victims.
So here you all go... & happy bidding.

Arabian Horse Auction

There is NOT just Arabian Stallions Services being offered,,so if your thinking about Breeding this coming season, go have a look... ;)

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Any one got any ideas how I can shrink one of my mares so she can date Boston? Hehehe:))


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What a great idea.

Just had a look at the pretty ponies. There is a lovely one called Santiago Kei that looks lovely. Don't know anything about Arabs but he caught my eye.

Also love the Waler Stallion too.... hehe:))


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Total is now up to $30000 :)* :)*

A few more WA boys have been listed on the auction site now


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I've put a bid in - prob not enough for a winning bid - but you never know....

Some great stallions. Was tempted by Duck n Lethal - but I'll need to see how the $$$ are doing. I've got an expensive few months ahead. :(


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i like duck n lethal too, anyone got th link to th appy? i cant find it.

mind you, i dont own a mare at th mo...............
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