Floating Issues - scrambling


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I have a thoroughbred mare that I have been having issues floating.

I used to float her relatively often, but in the last couple of years I haven't. She did scramble a small amount before, but nothing major and we had no issues floating her.

Last year we took her out just for a short drive as I was learning to tow a horse float. It ended with us having to get the vet out because she panicked, dislodged the centre partion (straight float), and cut her hind leg.

I have been doing some float training with her over the last few months, and she is more than happy to walk on the float and stand in it still, and will walk off steadily as well. The second the float starts to move, she begins to pace on the spot, and throw some kicks behind her. She was tossing her head a lot but this was solved by giving her hay. We have altered the float so that the centre partion is locked back on an angle, with a full bum bar across the back, so that she has room to move her back end around. This has not stopped her from pacing on the spot.

I have tried 'nervo mag' to try and calm her down but it has not worked. I'm thinking of speaking to the vet about alternatives.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions? I had a float trainer out and she just said practice, which I have been doing but it is very stressful to drive around with her moving around as she does. I am terrified that she will panic.

We are planning on maybe blacking out the front window, and getting rid of the stallion guard so her head has more room and so she can't see oncoming traffic (not that we have been able to get her out on the road yet).


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It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Blacking out the front window is certainly worth trying. Some horses do travel much better like that. Be sure to take off, break and corner very slowly so she can get her balance. I am sorry I don't have any suggestions that you've not already tried, but good luck!