Float insurance?


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Can people please advise which companies provide horse float insurance? Including their experience, good or bad.

Second Chance is just about to have our float licensed and it will need insurance in case of damage, theft etc and we have never owned a horse float before, therefore have no idea where to look.



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Any insurer that insures cars and trailers will insure floats. I got a quote from SGIO, about $200 per year for a $10,000 value float. I'm going to try WFI as well as my house is insured with them.


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yep mines with Elders insurance, just cause i used to work there so got staff rates LOL.



I went with Western QBE, but I think they just call themselves QBE now. The reason I went with them is that they will pay for the damage that is caused by a horse, not just the damage caused by a car accident. Some other companies wont cover the damage to the float that was caused by your horse.

Mines covered for Market value (about $13,000), The yearly premium is about $200, my excess is $200 and there is a $3 million liability cover within that policy as well.

Good luck.


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Ok I have an old float (1973 Kalpakoff) but it's been fully restored by my lovely dad. QBE won't insure it as it's over 30 years old

Any suggestions? I'm not sure what to do, I want to insure it as you can see he's put a lot of work into making it look pretty cool



Anyone know anyone who will insure an old float?