Flies, did i do the right thing giving in??


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Hey guys, i have found an all natural product for the flies....
It called Bgone, its' a fly spray that is non carcinogenic, and it actually works ive been using it for a while... IT'S AWESOME!! The bonus is if u use it at a show, because it's made from natural oils, it doesnt leave ur horse looking like an oil pit. I can highly recommend it for sure...
Check out the website.....


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Hi, just wondering what kind of homemade repellents? i hear citronella works really well.


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when i ride my chestnut i usually ride with boots and a fly veil and fly spray... this usually helps, i tried swift on my horses i put out on spell, worked well on the body and neck but they still loved their eyes, some things you just cant help... plus remember, they are horses, they can usually cope if they are not particularly sensitive, my chestnut gets covered from head to toe in the paddock because the flies make a mess of him :(


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When there are lots of flies I ride with a fly veil on, it's one of the ones with velcro attachments. Seems to help to some extent & I use the fly spray stuff I make over the rest of the body. If we are asked to halt (lessons) he does play up a little & stomp his feet which I let go.
which fly veil do you have? a horseware? bucas? or a Harrison howard? I am about to buy a brand new one for my boy. my friends recommend these 3. but i don't know which one is better? any suggestions?