Feeding two poor doers


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Hi I was hoping that there is someone out there who is also struggling with drought and money cost in western NSW AUS.

I have two horses and it it's costing us an arm and leg almost litterally..

I was wondering if anyone has fed their poor doer(s) the following and if you have before and after photos please also age breed and work load.

I have a 16.2hh 6yo TB gelding who is a pain to keep weight and mucel on.

Also have a 15.1hh ASH 19yo gelding who is majority of the time good/moderate condition

I was hoping if I change their diet from

Bio mare
4 dippers chaff = 3.2kg chaff twice a day

1.2kg bio mare twice a day

900g koola komplete twice a day

2x lucerne biscuits twice a day

light lunge every 2nd or 3rd day upto date with worming and I pick their manure up daily.

I was hoping to change it to

Wheaten chaff
Lucerne hay
Vit and min

Will be getting pasture & rye round bales soon too.


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Hi, I live in central Queensland and it is terrible here at the moment, no rain and no grass. I have a 24 yr old tb X qh paint mare and a qh X 34 yr old gelding. Both are hanging in there pretty good. I am feeding them twice a day, morning and night. I put 1/2 a bucket of water in a feed bin then add two dippers of maxisoy pellets, they will swell up quickly (never feed maxisoy pellets without soaking first). Then I add a big dollop of molasses and 2 X 4 litre ice cream containers of prime Lucerne chaff then mix it all together. Sometimes I add a dipper of honey b or old timer but not always. If there standing in a dirt paddock I would throw them some lucerne hay between feeds, round bails are good if they have nothing to graze on between feeds I think.
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