Feeding a 3-month old orphan??


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I have a 3 month old orphan welsh pony. His mother died yesterday due to health complications and I have no idea what I need to be feeding the foal. He eats and drinks on his own. Does he still need milk? Do I just continue to give him Lucerne? do I feed him a mix of chaff, lupins and barley as suggested by some people? He is currently in a stable, do I need to have specific bedding or anything? do I put hay in a feed bag for him to eat out of or in a bucket? I have no idea what to do with him, I just know he needs to be fed! HELP!!


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Aww I am sorry to hear about your poor baby pony. Equines are generally weaned fully between 5-8 months so I'd say that he still needs some milk supplement, bottle fed is best. Seeing that getting a foster mare who is lactating and will accept your boy is almost impossible in short notice, your best bet is foal formula. Kitten milk formula might do in a pinch, even goat milk but never cows milk cos it contains lactose which horses and ponies can't digest. But goats milk is too low in fat and vitamins to last in the long run. Give him forage, and seeing he us eating that's great. What those other people suggested seem ok but don't introduce too many new things too quickly. Some additional vitamin and minerals would be great also, but also introduce slowly. Lastly I'm more concerned about him interacting with other horses or people, or lack thereof. He was used to being by his momma's side 24/7 and now he's all alone. Try to be physically there for him as much as possible as young animals can be easily traumatised by the loss of their mum. Comfort him, become his foster mum. Even getting a companion animal as a friend would be great for his morale. Best of luck!
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