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i would just retake some. in those pics she looks U necked and not very nice ( I know she is not in real life)
i would pull her out wash her and just start taking pics and lots or get someone eles like imperial too. get some of her in the paddock and that.
really if i was looking and saw that pic i just would not bother looking at the horse


Well, I tried.

If I need to I will get a professional in to take photo's but then I will need to raise the prices again.

See hoiw we go.

Merry Christmas.

Mega Kool, you dont need a pro photographer, or increase your prices.

A bath or a trim up, nice halter, nice side on shot with the horse standing in a show pose, against a nice plain background, or in front of some trees/bushes/flower garden always looks nice.

Have the handler someone that can get the filly to stand/pose nicely & get some (lots) of pics, side on, 3/4, head shots etc & then pick the bests.

Good luck.


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i just want to add that she is very hard to take a photos of. she's too busy trying to kive you kisses and smootch up to you.


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i was going to buy her off coli but could not after family issues could not afford to finish paying for her. so no sorry


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No worries Tony... any time!!

Though I still don't think those pics really do her justice... I was in her paddock by myself and had to keep jumping about, shaking her flyveil at her making weird noises to get her to move... all she wants to do is cuddle!!!
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