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[imgleft]http://www.stockyard.net/exclusive_comp.jpg[/imgleft]We would like to welcome Exclusive Browbands as an advertiser on our front page and discussion forums.

Exclusive Browbands are self designed and pre-made browbands made on quality 1 inch PVC and English satin and velvet ribbon, with many colours to pick from, and rhinestones for that that extra sparkle to catch the eye of admirers where ever you go. A grade quality rhinestone center pieces are on offer as well as many others to choose from, small diamontes are hand placed where ever you choose.

Browbands can be made for you show pony, galloway or hack, or even your miniature or Shetland, you name it they will do it. Pony club colours can be done as well as eventing colours, browbands can be made in many designs from sharks tooth to checkers and everything in between, pleated ribbon can be ordered for the rosettes. With over 3000 diamontes and over 100 rolls of ribbon in many different colours they will be sure to create that special browband to compliment your mount.

For more information or to order a browband please contact:
[email protected] or check out their website.



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Thanks Magic :)

Oh and it's myself and Bubbles we do it together ;) thanks to those who have put orders in! Look forward to making your browbands.


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oh sorry Bubbles, I knew you were in it together with someone, just wans't sure who it was. Welcome Bubbles.... :)*



I've bought 2 bb's from Exclusive Browbands... they are wonderful to deal with & i love Silver's BB, its cute!


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this is the one i bought from shell and tara...

and it was done within a day of ordering :)


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Thanks guys :) hehe yes Kylie it's going to look cute on him!

Here is one that currently for sale in the bridle section on stockies, it was meant to be sold to someone in america but that had to go on hold for now due to a vet bill, so it's for sale, PM if interested or email. it is full size.



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lol horsetales you poor thing!

like this? This is what happens if I stop paying attention for 90 seconds in my office... in case you are not sure what he is doing - he is making 'roads' for his toy cars to go on...

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