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  1. jgs

    jgs New Member

    Hi would be replace biotin sunflower seeds msm and equalibium
  2. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    Sorry for the delay in posting back to you , been a tad busy.
    I would just feed him one scoop to start with and see how he goes on that. What size horse is he?
  3. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    Yes we would suggest you could cut them all out, but if unsure please seek vet advise as well. If you want you can introduce the chia while slowly cutting out the rest of those additives.
  4. robbing'charisma

    robbing'charisma Well-known Member

    No drama's :). He is 16.2hh. I just went to give him a scoop and he wasn't interested in it (but he is a fussy old horse sometimes!) so I will have to wait until Monday to get some mollassis and see if he will eat it that way. :)*
  5. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    Ok maybe try just putting the equine chia in with a handful of chaff. Thats how i feed all ours who dont need a huge bucket of hard feed. that way they eat every bit of it. Good luck.
  6. Trojan

    Trojan New Member


    I feed energy gold oil should I stop feeding it. I have had my horses on chia for about 3 weeks haven't seen a change yet.
  7. miniequine

    miniequine Well-known Member

    hi ,I have read all the posts with interest as I started mine on chia a couple of weeks ago, I would like to know if Chia is gluten free,as I would recommend it to my daughter but she can only eat gluten free foods,
    another small question[no pun intended], How much Chia do you recommend I feed my mini horses? I am feeding one scoop in their night feeds. I can't find any info on feeeding chia to minis,
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  8. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    hi, not sure why you havent seen any changes yet, as most people see changes from 10 days onwards. Its up to you if you want to cut out the energy gold. What size is your horse and what ratio are you feeding him/her?
    Energy gold has the same benefits as the chia with the omega 3,6 @ 9. But equine chia has the extra benefits as well. By feeding the two together you will most likely be giving your horse too much energy (oil), and they will just be passing it all through. We would recommend cutting the energy gold out and see how you go in 2-3 weeks. All the best and please feel free to ask any other questions.
  9. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes our chia is all gluten free.
    One scoop wont hurt the minis but we recommend feeding 1/2 a scoop.
  10. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    What size does the scoop measure i.e. 3rd cup etc. I didnt get a scoop with mine so now quite sure.
  11. Jack has only been on it for two weeks now. And he looks amazing! he has big dapples coming out and is ultra shiney :D
  12. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    Send us a pm and we will send you a scoop, so sorry not sure why a scoop wasnt in there.
    And yes our scoop which is supposed to be in the equine chia is 1/3 cup
  13. mochaminx

    mochaminx Well-known Member

    I have a friend who also owns gypsy cobs who is about to start her 4 on this equi chia, she was raving on about the other day and Id never heard of it, and then I just happened to see this thread today! I take that as a sign as I should try some on my cobbie girl too. She already has a gorgeous coat, but it seems to do so much more than that so why not give it a go I say :D!!
  14. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    Equine Chia are currently over in Germany for the 2011 Equitana Germany. The show starts in 2 days time :D
  15. info on archie

    info on archie Well-known Member

    Just wanted to say that I have bought the big tub of chia and haven't looked back. My *extremely* hard to put weight on 20 year old TB is getting 2 scoops a day and has never looked better!!! His dapples have come out, his coat is amazing, and he is holding weight so well. I am so very impressed. Thanks equinechia **) :D
  16. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Amazing product!
    We have all our racehorses on it, more so the one with higher allergies. Improvements to coat are excellent! And his healthy-ness appears to be without falter :)
  17. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    Well Beau has been on it now for nearly three weeks, and my farrier came out yesterday and was amazed how good he looked.

    He has dapples, coat is shiney, but best of all, when having his feet done he usually leans and finds it hard to carry himself - but yesterday,totally different horse, lifted all legs, held himself beatifully.

    This is a 24yrd old who is usually on cartrophine, cellery etc for joints.

    So to say I am supper happy is without question. I have just started to give it to one of the dogs as well.
  18. equinechia

    equinechia New Member

    We are very pleased that the horses/ponies are doing so well on the Equine chia.Thanks for your lovely comments and updates.
    Feel free to post any pics of before and after as well.
  19. Noah

    Noah Well-known Member

    I started our clydie cross boy and welsh cob filly on chia about 2 weeks ago. I have just ordered a tub as they are nearly out of the first lot.

    When I feed the horses I eat a bit as well :p

    I am dearly hoping that the chia will stop our 2 from rubbing out their manes and tails. I have tried nearly everything so far with no relief.

    Will keep you posted.......
  20. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I'd love to see some before and after photos? Expecially where the diet hasn't change apart from adding Chia?

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