English and Western Saddles for Sale

Hi Everyone,
I haven't been on here is quite a while but a friend reminded me about the forum and I thought I would become active again :D Anyhow, below is a list of my current saddles for sale. I also have a Facebook page for them, under 'Wakassadlery'. I offer payments on all my saddles and I have tons of pics of them all. If anything interests you, just let me know :)
We also have whatsapp number +19036893339
Telegram Matthewc19

Western Saddles:

15" Rare Hess & Hopkins Parade saddle set. Amazing saddle in beyond excellent condition $2200
16" Tex Tan Semi tree black pleasure saddle $850
16" Seven D Pleasure/All around Saddle. FQHB's. Gorgeous! $1050
16" Saddlesmith of TX training saddle, FQHB's. Brand New $800
16".5 (Original) Bob Marshall Treeless Endurance Saddle $700

English Saddles:

15" Exselle Cadet Youth saddle. Wide tree. Brand new! $800
15".5 Exselle Cadet youth saddle Wide tree Brand new! $800
16" St Lourdes AP Wide tree $750
16" Well made CC saddle regular tree smooth flap $500
16".5 ( measures 17") Albion Original Comfort Dressage $850
17" Max Hopfner Dressage saddle, XW tree $900
17" Michael Stokes Centaur. Hard to find Black AP. M tree $850
17".5 County WB Dressage saddle #4 Fit with fittings $800
17".5 Anky Buffao Dressage saddle. MW tree. $1900
17".5 DK Stackhouse Hunter saddle. M tree $1400
17".5 Brand New CC saddle. M tree. No maker found. $550
17".5 Stubben Tristan MW tree, $900
18" Stubben Scandica DL with Elk 32 (wide) $1000
18".5 Bond Steet (Cynron) Adjust. tree dressage saddle $1250


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