Electrolysis or laser hair removal (ladies only)


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I love this thread.....thank you ladies, as I too was a trantula in a previous life & my father was a poodle LOL .....& I too have had close encounters with the whippersniper .....this thread has really made me laugh :)
I think I am going to have to find somewhere thats not too far away ....hopefully Bunbury has a place & give it a go. I have been contemplating it for years :)
I am not over keen on waxing either.....hurts too much. My leg hairs are so thick waxing makes them bleed .....but apparently I am very good humerous entertainment if you want to come watch LOL ..... my friend thought it was hilarious......I wasn't finding it amusing untiol after i recovered from the emotionally scarring experience LOL

Your in luck they have a salon in Bunbury according to the website!


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Update - I had my second session of IPL y'day
didnt hurt much at all
I think the first was worse than the second
I havent shaved my underarm at all.
the hair is about half it was
Kini is a little patchy, that takes more sessions to take effect though
I'm liking the results thus far**)

Que Sera Sera

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So your bikini didnt hurt more than your underarms? I was in agony on the bikini. Underarms were fine.

Hmmm Maybe Im just over sensitive down there LOL


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Where are you getting the IPL done Redsticks?
Sounds like you're happy with the results **)
Hi All!
Love this thread! I had done electrolisis on the face 15 years ago and now have an odd hair or two regrowing, so when I'm in Perth I go and zap them up. On the legs I use epilator, pain doesn't worry me, I have high pain tolerence**)
What I'm going to say now might sound odd, but it is true;)
Many moons ago when I was a teenager I went to stay with my rellies in Ukraine, women are dark haired and white skinned over there. I noticed that none of them had any hairs under arm pits and on the legs (opposit to me*#)) and I asked them what do they do to get rid of it.
I was told that they use the juice of a green walnut skin (walnut trees grow like wattles over there), peel it off the nut, crush it and apply on the armpits and bikini line, keep it on until it dries out and wash it off. Apparantly it kills a hair folicle. WARNING- can't be used on the face,coz the skin gets stained and stays dark for quite a while. They didn't have any probs doing the whole length of leg, coz everyone at that time was wearing long skirts. I wasn't game to try it myself:p


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Well that's interesting!! Wish there was such an easy natural PAIN FREE remedy here, just gonna have to find some walnut trees :p

I'm loving the giggles I'm getting from this thread :) Might have to look into the SPL/IPL stuff!
Well that's interesting!! Wish there was such an easy natural PAIN FREE remedy here, just gonna have to find some walnut trees :p

I'm loving the giggles I'm getting from this thread :) Might have to look into the SPL/IPL stuff!
as far as I can remember it was also a permanent way of hair removal:)*.

Bruce the Goose

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I had electrolysis done about 10 years ago on my bikini line and took a lot of treatments to get any major results and @ $50 a session/session per week it was expensive. Was also a little bit painful and I have a fairly high pain threshold.

I am now just about finished with my IPL treatments on bikini line. I have quite dark hair and also a snail trail so always embarrassed to wear two piece bathers, even with waxing every 4 weeks I would have in-growns and regrowth within a week or so.

I have had 7 IPL treatments @ $80 a session and noticed a huge difference. I have hardly any regrowth at all and am definitely more confident about bathers. Not painful at all. I think I will probably still need a couple more but with horse season starting up again it will have to wait until summer.

I have noticed though that I have had swollen glands in one side of bikini line at different stages after treatment, not sure if this is a common thing or even something caused by IPL but something to be aware of.

Hope it works for you, definitely glad I did it and a couple of my friends have started going to.

Cheers Tracey


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May as well join the updates:)*

I have had one session of SPL so far on my under arms, and have gone from shaving every day/second day to having shaved twice in four weeks.. Seriously, I can hardly believe the results!! But I have really dark hair, and its said to work better on that..

Am starting to notice some fine regrowth now, nearly a month later, but definately nothing compared to what it used to be!!

Am very happy, and will continue with the treatments**)


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Where are you getting the IPL done Redsticks?
Sounds like you're happy with the results **)
In Mandurah. The lady is fantastic. Makes you feel really comfortable.

Kini hurts more than the underarms for sure. But it is on a par with waxing I think.

I think i've made a good investment.
Wait for session updates 3 and 4, in the next 2 months.
and 4 months for the kini


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"WHIPPERSNIPPER" LMAO!!!http://cgi.ebay.com.au/VTECH-BABY-ACTIVITY-WALKER_W0QQitemZ110378643913QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Baby_Toys_Activities?hash=item110378643913&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A1%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318

All i can say (and yes i love this thread too) is....whipper snipper gotta be better than....HORSE CLIPPERS...

wax on wax off here...my waxing lady here is about to start with the EPI or whatever it is but...i am cool with waxing, i cant get my legs done because like Jen i find that way too painful...but kini, yep im fine with that after the run in with the horse clippers. Only thing that worries me about permanent removal on the vjayjay is um...what if the good old fashioned 70s bush comes back in style?


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Cant believe the amount of cash that goes towards ridding the body of natural hair. Don't we all live in joddies and t-shirts anyway?
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