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  1. Angimac

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    I know it is short notice but there is a horse sale tomorrow (Friday 6th) and over 200 horses will be going thru from drought stricken Queensland and NSW.
    This is an unreserved auction. Vendors have listed the horses as paints, quarterhorses, stockhorses and Clydesdale crosses. There are other horses as well. All details and photos of horses are on the Andrew Wilson & Co sales page (
    Unfortunately any horses that cannot be sold will be humanely euthanized (hmmm right).

    There will be another sale in a fortnight of the same numbers as some knackeries stop processing over Xmas.
  2. PlumpRump

    PlumpRump New Member

    That's so sad, some super cute little horses there. I've seen far worse quality for sale for thousands of dollars in WA. Hope they all find homes. One powerball ay ;)
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  3. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    PlumpRump very sad. I wish they would geld the colts, if they can afford it, as colts and stallions usually only end up in one place.
    Some very nice horses, I think the young clydie colt is pure bred, but cannot remember, and I hate looking at all those little faces to check.
    Powerball would be good.
    Hope most of the horses and ponies get homes, just dread what is going to happen to the ones that do not sell as they cannot go home.

    Crazy people suggesting that the owners pts all their horses on the property, the ground is hard as rock and if they can dig a hole will this increase botulism and contamination from any medications in the already fragile and stressed soil.

    Hopefully the newspaper article will increase attendance and absentee bidding. The thoroughbreds seem to have had all the attention, what about all the other horses and ponies that go to the knackeries.
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  4. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    All the horses that were brought into the Echuca saleyard from the NSW/QLD drought according to Andrew Wilson went to private homes. Even the ones that sold for $50.
    There were 4 Mooraluck stockhorses that went for good money. Hopefully this will help the previous owners out.
    Also plenty of other horses not from the drought, one thoroughbred ($1,900) getting another chance on the track, 5 others bought as show horses and a black and white Gypsy Cob gelding ($6,500) by an imported stallion, papers with society and ridden.
    The dogger got 6 poor souls this sale.

    There will be a bigger sale in a fortnight as meramist is closed over Xmas.
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  5. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Because of the heat wave over east the Echuca sale was postponed until tomorrow, Monday 23rd December.
    Unfortunately there is a lot of unhandled horses and poor colts from the drought.
    There is a poor mare that is feeding her own young foal (thought this was not allowed) and also feeding an orphaned foal. But she is also unhandled.

    If you know anyone that can help these poor horses (knackeries will be processing before Xmas break, there has been no change at Meramist since the ABC Report) before that one way trip it would be great. There is absentee bidding and you can ask to just bid against the doggers.

    The drought has been in some areas for over 10 years yet these people keep breeding horses just in case the drought breaks but it is the poor horses that are suffering.
    Just round them up once a year and off to the killer pens for a few $$$.
  6. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    There will be a number of poor thoroughbreds going thru the Echuca sale on Friday. They are being sold because of non payment of agistment. I am not sure if their ID cards will be available. Some nice mares and young horses.
    As facebook no longer allow the sale of animals Andrew Wilson & Co now have a website There is a Catalogue section which takes you to a page with Echuca or Warrambul if you click Echuca it will take you to the horses.
    There is some pre-sale ads up already and then the sale yard photos/horse details start going up on Thursday. A large number of horses will be at this sale from the drought and fire areas. The doggers will have the upper hand as potential private homes are low. The number of thoroughbreds homed at the sale since the ABC report have decreased as I thought would happen.
  7. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    The Echuca horse sale is on tomorrow. Check out Andrew Wilson and Co website for horse details. There are a few tb pre-sale ads. There is also some mini mares, the transfer forms are supposed to be signed and in the office. The same place has two colts and a filly going thru, unregistered and unhandled of course. It is going to be a large sale.

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