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Now I feel really dumb LOL ...... I did not look at the photo but was looking for in listed with all the other things......can't see for looking
Sorry Dolly LOL ......was there all along. I can't tell you how many Horse deals I have flipped through trying to find the stuff .....would have been much quicker reading the sight properly ......too busy looking at horses I expect LOL :)


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Will look forward to seeing some grreat pic's of your horses.
I have seen some lovely ones wandering in your paddocks......

KC Quarter Horses

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I must admot I have seen some lovely DVZ horses also...... I watched Roger Kamman ride Figaro at an Ian Silitch clinic at his place once & he was just awesome to watch.
Have watched the web site over the years thinking maybe one day.
We did just purchase a beautiful yalambi horse though so might be a way off yet.
We watched our girl in her first 4 outings ( SJ) & bit the bullet LOL. If roger doesnt steal her I think Skito will have alot of fun.
I love the bone on your horses Dolly ......will keep checking out the site & maybe one day :)


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Welcome Dolly!!

I agist with a girl who has one of your lovely fillies. Destiny is her name. She has the most delightful temperament.


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Hi Dolly,

Sarah here.... glad you made it in here, Admin has created a brilliant resource in Stockies, enjoy mate**)

I saw some great pics of the Bigg over east recently, I still love him dearly:)*

I can certainly atest to the temperament of Dolly's horses, Figarro (aka Bigg) was the most wonderful stallion to handle, serve, ride take out etc... and for a huge boy, incredibly aerodynamic, and is at least as lovely a gelding...lol!:D

The two babies I've had a little to do with are growing up to be lovely big, scopey, balanced, even temperamented and impressive.**)

Keep up the exceptional work Dolly,

:)) S

PS: congrats of the continuing success of the likes of: Goodtimes, Figarro, Faberge.........could go on for a while here.... lol!
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