Detached Corpora Nigra?


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Hey all!
Today I noticed my horse's eye was weeping really badly. We had the vet come out and take a look at it, and he said that his corpora nigra (this thing
if anyone is unsure of what I mean) has completely detached somehow. He told me that it is used to shade the pupil and as he is getting too much light in his eye atm, it's very painful which is why it's weeping so much.
They weren't really too sure about what the outcome would be, as they said they'd never seen it before. I searched for it in Google and there was literally under 1 page of anything to do with this, and nothing I could see had any information about any outcomes. Has anybody at all had this happen ever or known somebody who has? I'd really appreciate it if somebody could let me know what they reckon might happen in terms of my horse's vision in that eye. Even if it's bad news or just speculation. I just hate having no idea what will happen :(
Really, any information would be really greatly appreciated!! Thanks all!


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The third eyelid is the nictitating membrane, it's outside the globe at the medial canthus. The corpora nigra is the anenome like thing on the inner edge of the iris inside the eye, surrounding the pupil. It's fingery fronds are what makes horse eyes look so velvety and beautiful. Has your horse had a knock on the head?


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Blackbat - Honestly, I'm not too sure. He does have a couple of scrapes around that eye, but nothing huge or out of the ordinary. They are about half the size of a little-finger nail and not deep at all. Other than that, no other unusual lumps or cuts, although the vet did say he reckons that a bump to the head was the cause.


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Hi tollygunge, my horse had sustained a penetrating injury to his eye, before I had him, and it detached some of the corpora nigra.
When I had a specialist vet treat his other "good" eye for cancer, he wanted to have a go at the damaged eye too,
but my usual vet said no - my horse was managing just fine so why risk it?

In fact that eye does tend to weep when dusty (maybe from damage to the third eyelid) so I keep a bug-eye fly-veil on him most of the time.
Otherwise he manages fine and sight seems okay.

So I suggest you take to using good fly-veils and maybe reverse stabling in summer to reduce daytime glare.
Also get the opinion of an eye specialist if you feel unhappy with doing nothing.


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Thanks so much for the advise, Trojane! I appreciate it :D
I'll definitely be using fly vales from now on and I'll ask my agistment about reverse stabling.
Also, would you mind PM-ing me the details of the specialist you use? I reckon I will wait to see if we need to go down that road, but I would feel a lot more comfortable if I had a plan B.
Thanks heaps!!


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Hi I was wondering what the outcome of this was for your horse? Same
This was diagnosed with mine and I’m worried he will be spooky
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