Couple Of Issues Would Love Advice


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First off, my horse is completely scared of a certain horse at agistment. Yesterday took him down to the paddock next door to this horse to try and get him more used to the area (spooky and downright oblivious to my presence). Let him roam free. Was fine till the new horse charged up to him against his boundary fence. Sent my horse into a craze running around where as he was calm before. When I took my horse out we had to walk past the horses paddock. Didnt see the other horse move but my horse suddenly started acting ridiulous. Pulled against rope head high dancing around. He literally dragged my feet through the sand. At this point I gave a sharp tug on the rope to try and bring him back. I managed to get him past and once he was far enough I got him to back up, move hindquarters,e g getting his respect back until we were in sync again. Once he was in his paddock he was back to being chill.

Second issue, he is super aware of everything around him. As soon as we leave his paddock he is ears up flared nostrils. Ive walked him around every day (hand as no saddle) but he still doesnt calm down.

Ive been doing groundwork in the way of parelli (games) and leading him around over poles and through barrels.. We can be walking and if I stop,he does. If I back up, he backs up. Unless he is preoccupied staring at something ';'

Any advice would be good
Also to note hes new, had him for about a month and a half now and hes been at this place for that long.

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It sounds like he needs desensitisation and to see you as a better leader. The parrelli 7 games are good but you need to up your level of expectation. If you ask him to move 3 steps, he should do so with a "how much would you like attitude" not a do I have to, oh if I must" attitude and just shuffle his feet.

When you are doing desensitisation you need to do it to a level to get him worried until he stands still, then continue the process until he relaxes. Your timing and your body language will need to be really good to get such a worried horse over it fairly quickly as it is the release that teaches. The quicker you can turn your intent/pressure off when he gets it right. The quicker he will learn.

It's not hard once you know what you are looking for as a try and are able to switch off immediately. It may be worth having one lesson just so you get the idea, then you can work on it yourself.

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For the desensitisation you should check out warwick schiller on youtube. he has lots of videos of doing it and its made all the difference with every problem horse I've worked with.

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