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Website now changed into Regions / Shires to hopefully ease the pain in searching in the navigation bar for the town of long list. If I have towns in the wrong section please notify me and I will correct. Googling shires was sending me mad.

Looking for info on towns the in the following locations.

Goldfields - Esperance
Great Southern
Mid West
South West


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Karratha with Dampier info has now been added.

please Note. I will be away from 27th Feb for about week and half 2 weeks. Any information please email to [email protected]

Will not be able to update the website during this time. Thank you for all your support so far.


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Manjimup has now been added. More information to come. Collie and Kirup will be joining the CHWA wagon.

We now have a very simple forum for the use of meeting town people hopefully online to talk purely about moving into or near by the towns you are thinking about.

Please dont forget to send some photos about your town / area if you have submitted information it really helps sells your location basically.

Thanks again.


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New page added.

Travelling For Shows.

If anyone knows of any agistment centers that will take in country competitors for one night or 2-3 nights so they can compete in or closer to the city.
Please email me, PM me do not reply with agistment places here as it will be free advertising.

possible B&B bed and breakfeast set up's.

Or other places for accomodation if the country town competitiors can not stay with their horses.


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Update: Northam and the Avon Valley have been added.

Please note: All information is supplied in good faith to be true and correct at the time of publishing. If you see your buisness or personal information on the website and do not want it published please contact me via email [email protected] to have it removed ASAP.
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