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I have to buy all our horses in training some new sheets as the old ones just dont do it any more and dont fit well (kool coat bought from HL).
But as i need to buy quite a few sheets, I'd like to know if anyone knows a good place to buy decent cotton combo sheets that won't knock you over in price... I only want 100% cotton not 50/50 with polyester.
So if anyone could help me out, would be greatly appriciated :)


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sprintwell cottons. great for large purchases(studs/trainers etc) as not only economical but also long lasting and durable as well as light and cool.


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Oooo might have to look at the sprintwells... if not Oakford stockfeeds stock a hardy cotton rug.. might not be 100% cotton though, they are white with a blue strip down the back. Very hardy and a good price!!


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The highest cotton percentage I've ever been able to find is Skye Park, which are 60-70% cotton depending on which one from their range you get. Are Sprintwell's seriously 100% cotton? Or just a higher percentage than Kool Coat *shudders*?


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Yes I love sprintwell. They fit my big hack who has massive shoulders very nicely!
And they are good at keeping them cool despite being relatively thick...think they must be quite high cotton percentage.

They are however too hot for anything over 35 C IME


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I like Sunset rugs, Lilydale Rd and Sprintwell.

PS - sprintwell are the ones sold at Oakford ;)
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