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I would like to see the government get onto some racketeering/profiteering laws. Singapore already has them in place and India is now putting some together.
I have seen on Ebay and Gumtree ludicrous prices for toilet rolls. From $5 a roll to $30,000 (this was in Sydney) for 9 rolls with 14 bottles of water (these had 2 bids but not sure how much).
Over east someone had over 700 packs of toilet rolls selling for $50 each pack, they had sold 500 last I looked.
I am guessing that there are probably other items being sold online, such as tissues, hand sanitiser etc.
These scum are no better than looters after the fires and floods.

Channel 9 did a sting here in Perth CBD, someone was selling 20 roll packs for thousands.

Why has the government not put laws in place to stop these people, I told a poor pensioner how much the toilet rolls were selling for online and she said she would be using newspaper.
Very sad.


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I have very little interaction with the public, but if it hit my town it is sure to take out a good chunk of the population. I have to be in the city for a few days this week so I guess I will have to be a bit more careful so not to bring it back here.

The people panicking and buying loo roll for thousands are just as much the problems as those selling it. There wouldn't be a market for it if people didn't pay. Those who can afford the exorbitant prices are probably those most likely to be able to cope (financially/socially) with a few weeks of illness. If no one buys it the profiteers are left with excess stock and out of pocket for it. A bit like people who pay thousands for thoroughbreds with 3 weeks schooling on them. If there is a market to pay, people will profit.

I guess, for me, being a Girl Guide has really paid off!


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That's a really tiny number for WA, especially with 2 being on the contaminated cruise. Hard to believe the panic when there have been so few cases. Imagine a real emergency!


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yes pr, let's hope that being one of the most isolated cities in the world has its benefits. (y)


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Heard from residents in China on the BBC news yesterday that this is not the case. Its supposedly Chinese government propaganda at it again.

Also in Australia, I heard on the radio that we are being encouraged to get flu jabs before the Australian flu season starts here.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are baled up in Queensland with the coronavirus. Hanks has Type 2 Diabetes.
Filming on the Elvis Presley story has been cancelled until further notice.
Wilson had performed at the Sydney Opera House and somewhere in Queensland.
They are staying in the same building that a Chinese man was in, he was the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in Queensland.
But the hotels are in different parts of the building.
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