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    Hi Manocaaron, my goodness I hope you get this message after all this time! I owned Oakdale Tara from 1983 until she passed away in 1998. We bought her from the Turriffs in Dowerin. She tried the pony club life for a few years at Darling Range HPC but she was a complete turd and refused to do anything, often bucking me off and pigrooting. I still adored her. We tried to breed from her but it did not prove successful. She lived at my parents' home on Hawtin Road, Maida Vale until she passed away from skin cancer 6 weeks after my wedding in 1998. She was always known as the 'white pony' on Hawtin Road who would stand under the tree all day. By incredible coincidence, Oakdale Farm is only 1km away from my parents' house. We visited her dam Scarlett OHara in Dunsborough at the pony ride school down there in the late 80s. Millfields March Winds had an incredibly sad demise and his remains were found in a paddock.
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    Hi, i agree with you

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