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  1. manocaaron

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    Yes I remember him. He was beautiful.**) I think he was a jumper with the girl who had him, and did well at it too. He was quite a bit bigger than my Tara, she was around 13hh and Courage must have been close to 15hh???? I know he had a lot of admirers at the agistment ctr.
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    Yes Courage was my dream horse!! He was 14.3 1/2 so actually overheight for a purebred. I still feel so lucky to have had 26 years with him.:wub:
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    Hello xyzabc

    Have you got your new pony yet?
  4. xyzabc

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    No, not yet, still have the headstrong pinto here. I need to rehouse her first.

    But I will tell you he is a full brother to Garnet Liberty. I'm itching to get him here, so am starting to move on transport arrangements and I will probably send him to a riding school to begin with, so I can have some lessons on him under controlled circumstances before bringing him home. That will give me some time to Horse Deals the pinto too.

    Thanks for your interest, I will post photos! I know photos are required!
    I lurk and drool too.
  5. Meischa

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    Hope you get a home for the 'headstrong pinto' LOL soon :)

    Looking forward to photos and updates when you get your boy home.
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    I have worked with many pure breds and part breds. Like all horses, you will need to find one that's personality suits you best, not just get one because of breeding. Do your research.
    If you are looking for a laid back all rounder in a smaller size they are a good breed to consider
    Connemara's are a very popular breed over sea's. they usually have very sound, trainable intelligent temperments, very brave, very hardy bodies, and good allround ability for all sports - harness, dressage, showjumping. They usually have a very people orientated personalies, like to please, and also very stomach concious. Ok they are little piggies. Hardy feet and strong legs. On the negative side you need to be very strick on what they eat as the breed is prone to becoming very overweight. (although on the positive side, feed bills are down) Good diet and regular excerise, is required to keep the weight down.

    They do like to go out and do things for sure, but generally a fairly cruisy breed and don't need excesive riding to keep them tuned up, unlike some more sensitive breeds.

    One of the world jumping records was held for a long time by a connemara gelding in the UK. And a few years ago the top dressage pony overseas was a connemara stallion.
    Their strong bodies make them ideal for taller child, teenage or adult rider.
  7. xyzabc

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    Duncan arrives late tomorrow afternoon so I hope to get some photos over the weekend and post. (If I can figure out how to post photos, with an IT guy in the house it shouldn't be too difficult, surely ......)
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  9. Meischa

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    Hopefully Duncan arrived safely and you and he are enjoying riding together xyzabc ? :)
  10. xyzabc

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    We're alright. I have some lovely photos of Duncan and the headstrong pinto wading around in floodwaters. I don't know what he thinks - he arrived in a heatwave/drought and now he's coping with floods/humidity. We lost parts of internal fences but the boundary fences held up, sort of. 2 old mares bailed up in the old machinery shed for 2 days and refused to budge but they were safe there. Dunc and Raffy managed on high ground near the house and wading through flooded paddocks. We removed part of the fencing off the shed veranda and fed them there for a few days. At least in the wind/rain the flying foxes did not appear. We'll have to rejig the feed shelters and some of the fences.

    Anyway they all have lots of green pick now!
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    Looking for some people who bred Connemaras in Wanneroo

    Hi All

    Hoping someone can help. I am trying to track down some people who breed/or used to breed connemaras in Wanneroo.

    I have a pony who they apparently bred. Trying to track down it's breeding. They apparently they bought a mare in foal from Glenormiston stud - I have the filly out of that mare.

  12. xyzabc

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    You could start by asking the Connemara Pony Breeders Society of Australia:
    Connemara Pony Breeders' Society

    I have no way of answering your question but they would know if anyone does.
  13. insomnia girl

    insomnia girl New Member

    Thanks - I have started there ... I was just hoping there may be someone in the Wanneroo area or a connemara person who recognised who I was talking about, so I could contact them.

    Sue at Glenormiston confirmed to me when I bought her that she had sold an in foal mare to some people in Wanneroo, but sadly Sue passed away before I could follow up with her. :(
  14. Braids Dale

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    Do you have the name of the mare and is your filly registered or foal recorded
  15. GoWelshCobs

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    See if you can track down Alan long man from kemill hill he has been around in the Connie game for years
  16. Braids Dale

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    Sorry to say gwc most of the original/founding breeders of connies in WA have passed away. I know and am in contact with two of glenormiston's past stud managers so I could ask them but if u contact the cpbsa secretary she will have record of all
  17. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    If you have your pony's registered name and/or a brand and age then the database can be accessed to find out who was the breeder, and it's breeding.

    Did you ask CPSBA for information on an in-foal Glenormiston mare sold to Wanneroo? If you know the age of your pony then you will even have the approximate date/year it happened. They will have this sort of information and I don't see why they wouldn't make it available to you.';'

    As far as I'm aware, Glenormiston stud only bred pure Connies so your pony should be eligible for full registration, all the more reason for CPBSA to help you out.
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  18. Braids Dale

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    No Glenormiston also bred Irish sport horses and sport horse x connies for a while
  19. Nicki

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    Ah ok. But still, there should be info about its breeding in the registry and it would be eligible to be registered itself in some way. Not too hard to find on the database if you have a brand and age (although I think you have to be a member with a password). I found one for another Stockie who has a connie mare she was curious about.
  20. Shonky

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    Hi there, I think I know who you are referring to who had Connemaras in Wanneroo, and your filly's mother will be one of 3 Glenormiston mares who I know Sue sold to WA in foal. If you PM me with your details i should be able to help :)

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