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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by shadowkat, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. GoneRama

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    Right, if people want to talk sickle hocks.......

    HERE is sickle hocks!!!

    Kenoath boy during the wet season last year so not looking too crash hot :eek:
  2. GoneRama

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    Let's look at this little filly :)

    3 year old Welsh x Arab. Not the best pic of her, she looks rather down hill in this pic but it's not the best footing for a conformation photo.
  3. EVP

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    He's quiet a decent example of a QH. Does he resemble the official standard I would say yes & no. Is he conformed as his breeding would dictate - probably yes but I don't know his lineage only that you said he is cutting/sprint bred.

    So without knowing his lineage I couldn't give you any more of my personal opinion. QH lines have certain inherent traits and depending on whether he has known crosses and blood percentages its a hard call from any pic.
  4. Silhouette

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    Feel like critqueing my mare? Not the most recent pics, cant find any side ons, she was 3 here..Edited to add shes a Andy x RP


  5. Diana

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    I'll put up links to :)
    Dave is Kelang Gold Rainman.
    Sire: Kelang Docs Spinagold Quarter Horse

    Dam: Glentara Tammy Quarter Horse

    Cheers :)*
  6. myyky

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    Cheeki, that would be great actually! Will try and get some tomorrow :)
  7. EVP

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    He has a pedigree sprinkled with some nice old timers. Especially ones that us Aussies favoured in the early days. There doesn't seem to be a concentration of any particular blood that would detract or enhance any traits - like cow or speed or agility. His pedigree says all rounder to me. But I suspect he is a bit on the lazy side as his lines show more old ranch than truer working cow horse. I have always felt there is a slight difference in these....cow horses are a bit hotter and smaller and ranch horses are more plod all day types and can have some body length(speaking very generally here). He looks like he'd prefer to do as little "work" as he could? His shoulder is pretty straight - he would be a bit choppy in certain gaits and doesn't really like using his front end. The hind, he is quiet good and although he doesn't have alot of muscle over the loin area and down to the tie down, I think he'd have good brakes. And he'd be able to get under himself a bit.
    He has a good length of rein....I've seen worse. And some with a body shape like this can have a ewey neck - he's not too bad.
    His ranch breeding and short cannons means he'll be pretty sound into his teens and provided you don't butcher his feet he will stand up well.
    I would have thought he might like some reining because he isn't too wide in the chest and although he is straight at the shoulder I think he'd find it easy in the turn arounds.....though he might not like it....lolol His laid back nature I think might let him down a bit for any real performance work.

    Is he a thinker? Ranch horses don't spook easy and do like going low.....I think HUS might be a big ask for him because he isn't a true hunter type, maybe he'd like something that would combine his laid back nature with his thinking - say like trail?

    If you have any pics of him under saddle would be nice to see.
  8. Diana

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    Cheers for that! :)* he's pretty lazy, but has a bit of go in him *#) He does get quite upset when I want him to actually move nicely though. (Well, he's got a bit of bluff in him too - so once I get past that we should actually get somewhere). Apparently he's practically the quietest on the farm :eek: and most of the horses except for about 4 are QHs :D

    He likes trail riding and doesn't really spook (not even at roos!) - he gets a bit rushy & on the forehand (the guy I got him off pretty much rode him like he's a STB in harness - head up, reins tight, ouch! So I wonder if that wouldn't help)...
    I did wonder about trail, but there are poles and stuff yeah? Wouldn't be impossible (maybe *#) ) but when we've tried jumping/trot poles/single poles he gets his knickers in a knot. (he's 'special' haha)
    We've been practicing a bit of HUS and I've been told he'd probably be alright at low level having a go, but yeah I wouldn't expect him to do well in high levels.

    I have wondered about reining...but yeah I think I've only managed a proper gallop out of him once! And that was with a fair bit of coercion...

    I don't really have any recent pictures sadly :( need to get someone out there with the camera when I ride...
  9. Cheeki

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    No worries mate :) either post them here or pm me (or fb me - I think I have you on there lol!)
  10. Kolt

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    Looking for conformation critique on my QH gelding. Screenshot_20180721-082147.png
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  11. admin

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    like to see a straighter, shorter back and a longer reining neck perhaps but overall a nice looking horse.(y)

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