Competition - Win a Portrait for Christmas


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Ok, as an added incentive, we will also have a 2nd and a 3rd prize...... I have a couple of things in mind for this, but wont spill the beans just yet til we have it all sorted...........

It is still open for a while longer guys :)


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I would like to enter my baby Banjo :)

Banjo is a chestnut paintbred yearling gelding, with a gorgeous blaze and 4 white legs (2 stockings and 2 socks).
Before Banjo there was only one other horse I have felt a bond like this with and before him I thought it would be a long time before I met another special friend.
I have known Banjo since he was four hours old, and he was agreed to be mine at about five hours old. He is my first horse I have owned. In the year he has been here we have had plenty of good and bad times :) He’s cheeky, naughty, curious, a shoulder to cry on, a friend, someone who listens and my best bud :) When a day is been glum and gloomy he is my little shining light that spreads happiness through me, and I can’t wait to spend years and years developing an even stronger bond as we face lifes challenges :)



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I'll think I'll add my mum's horse Wandy.

Wandy was bought from Midland Markets at the age of 4 months old. Her dam had dropped dead with starvation and Wandy had been left to fend for herself. My Mum and Nanna rescued injured and beaten horses and when they saw Wandy there was no way they could leave her there for dog meat. So they brought her home with $60 less in their pockets but my mum just couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Wandy was a skinny little thing, she was full of red worms and covered in lice.

Their block didn't have any stables so Mum set up a little stable in their garage. The door was almost a metre and 30cm high so mum could only just see over it. Wandy was put in the stable with a little bit of hay and bran mash and left to her own devices. To hold the door closed mum used a wheelbarrow (not the smartest idea).. So mum went inside for lunch and next thing she hears is a thump and little clip clops in her garage. She runs out there fearing the worst and here's Wandy sniffing around the garage. Mum's jaw almost hit the ground when she realised that the wheelbarrow was still in place. Wandy had jumped clean out of the stable and over the wheelbarrow. Mum started laughing and just couldn't hold it together, she laughed and laughed til the little filly came over to her and nudged her with her soft, velvet nose.

Mum knew it was the beginning of a brilliant friendship. So as Wandy matured very slowly Mum did all kinds of things with her from walking her along the railway to longreining her in the dressage ring. At the age of 4 Wandy was almost ready to be broken in, so mum got her old bridle out and started mouthing Wandy. She long reined her for 2 weeks and taught her the rein aids. One day Mum brought the saddle out along with the bridle. She wasn't sure what Wandy was going to be like so she gently placed the saddle on her back. Nothing. Wandy just looked at Mum. So mum grabbed the girth and put it on the first hole. Nothing. So she did the girth up and walked Wandy around. Nothing. Mum decided that she might as well hop on and that's exactly what she did. Wandy just stood there like a schoolmaster. Mum took her for a walk and a trot and then jumped off and hugged Wandy around the neck. Mum has told me many times how lucky she was to have a horse like Wandy and that that day was the best day of her life.

Mum soon started jumping Wandy and giving lessons to younger children on her. She took her to PC and out of long bush rides. She used to race the trains to the station and then walk home on the buckle. She jumped on Wandy in the middle of the paddock with no tack and go for a hoon.

At the age of 7 Wandy had her first foal. A beautiful colt that had an air of presence. He was campaigned as a 9 month old and got everyones attention. At his first show he got Champion but just 3 weeks later, tradgedy struck. He had been stabled all day and had just finished his feed when mum let him out into the paddock. He galloped and bucked and rolled and when mum brought him back in, she noticed that he was in pain. They rushed him to the Belmont vet hospital and got told that he had a twisted gut. He was put down that same day.

Wandy never took to a stallion again so never had another foal but mum was happy with her. She evented her and did PC with her up until Wandy was the age of 16 and mum was 28 and started having kids. Wandy retired to a nice old paddock in Wagin with her good old friend Smokey. Smokey was almost 10 years older than Wandy and he passed away not too long after Wandy retired so Mum, Dad and my brothers, sistern and I moved all the way to Busselton and bougth a 50 acre block. Wandy enoyed her semi-retirement there (She never fully got to retire because I would hop on her every now and then and take her for a walk).

I know very little of this wonderful little mare and this story has been told to me by my nan. Wandy was a stunning girl and I can tell that just by what I've heard, imagine what my mum thinks of her.

At the ripe, old age of 32, we could see that Wandy wasn't going to make it through another winter. So we said our goodbyes to her and gave her a final pat and she was put to sleep. She is buried next to the water hole with our colt who passed away from a broken leg. We planted a lemon scented gum tree on her grave and it is growing up strong and beautiful, exactly how Wandy lived.

At night I swear I can hear her and the colt galloping around the paddock and splashing through the water and I am sure she still watched over my mum and loks after her.
R.I.P our darling Wandy.. You shall never be forgotten. Your spirit runs free through the sky and allows you o move without pain once again.

I'm sorry this is so long but how can you write about 31 years of pure bliss in a short story? Wandy's life is one that has inspired me to keep hold of things that mean a lot to me and I realise now that ugly, beaten and undernourished ducklings can grow into a beautiful, graceful, loving swan.

R.I.P our flying angel.

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I purchused trippa about 2 years ago(doesnt seem that long) when he was five, had raced when he was around 3 and you wouldnt know it. He is soo quiet and yeh everynow and then he chucks a tanty or the wind gets up his skirt but he will try everything for me. In the last week alone we have almost masterd from a halt to canter. He can job for hours on end and goes over bridges and we have been to 3 beginner western shows and came home with loads of ribbons. At the end of the year we got 3rd for ovveral. Now knowone can say thoroughbreds cant 'do' western, everybreed of horse can do whatever they and there riders put there mind to. We go out for rides and although theres dogs down the road which pop out of knowere and even i jump and vary raley the leaf is going to goble him up, we can go for a good hoon and he doesnt get hotted up, he is as lazy and calm as he was before. We also do little jumping(trippa enjoys) but im not as confident, but on the weeekend we jumped about 2 foot, which was good and i felt really safe on him. I think trippa is just a dream to own, he has hilarous facial expresssions and watch his eys you know when he is in pain( he has very kind eyes) Nothing much fazes him, he has let people who dont know how to ride on.We have many more years to have fun!!


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Gorgeous stories everyone, and buggered if I can stop crying now after reading them all....................I wouldnt like to be the one having to choose a winner out of that lot, thats for sure!! Just beautiful.


Although i didnt want to & yet i know you said we could, i'm going to add another (my 2nd & last ;)).

Petite Pastures Peaches N Cream, big name for a little mini, lol.

We purchased Suga from Stockies member, Petite Pastures in Jan this year as a weanling & we are soo thankful.
Suga has had a few probs, she *mild* colics very easy (at the drop of the hat basically) but with 3 colic bouts before her first show, i didnt think she'd make it.
April 2008, NMR Feature Show with 2 Eastern States judges, Adam King & Jenny Leaver. I honestly knew we'd have no chance, some of the best WA Studs had entered & their stock is amazing & best of the best.
Suga took of ALL the main awards she had been eligable for, she was only 8 mths old!
Grand Champion Futurity, Supreme Foundation Jnr Horse, Best Overall WA Bred, (plus winning Best Trot & Best Broken Colour)... the big thing was a line up of 10/11 mini's in the Grand Champion Exhibit.
We had some Imported mini's, some Eastern States mini's & some mini's that have been very successful, im not sure but i think Suga was the youngest in the line up.
Both judges went around & looked the mini's over (Suga was knackered by then!), we did our work out & were judged on a points system.
When our number was called out i started crying, lol, who would of thought a "nobody (in the mini world) with her nobody mini" would of won the biggest award of the day?!?! :eek:

All day Suga behaved & still showed herself off, the judges both loved her & she exceeded any expectations i had, as well as giving myself, her owner & her breeder, Petite Pastures, our biggest wins! :))
Her last show (of only 4), she was Supreme Small Horse & Supreme Of Supreme Junior Exhibit at Katanning.

Today Suga is very sick... Cellulitis, her whole head/neck is swollen & she carries her head to the ground. With good drugs she still has some spunk as she got me a good one (kicked me) this morn when giving her, her injections. I dont blame her, she's over the needles already.
I doubt she'll be shown again, her bottom lip is a mess, its healing but part of it is missing. :(

I dont care, she's only 13mths old but as long as she's going to be healthy... we've already had our fun together & it was a blast!

This is Suga at her 1st show.

And sadly, just a couple of days ago. :-(

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Ok, I have come into this late and there are already some amazing stories and horses. :)*

This is about my colt Ricki.
I met Ricki when he was a few days old, just another foal from mums stud, as a teenager I'd already learnt not to get attached! At weaning time, he was so tiny he was nicknamed "Squirt" and had a fair bit of attitude, we started bringing him into the stable at night just for some handling. Overnight he went from having to be cornered to be caught, to meeting us at the gate, we were so impressed at how suddenly he came around.
Over the next few weeks, I became his main handler, Mum & I co-handled the weaners but this boy became special to me. He wasnt always easy, he had a fair amount of attitude - as most colts do! - he had a sparkle in his eye that made you think he was plotting a practical joke!
As time went on I started showing him, some classes I couldnt because I was under 18 (cant show colts/stallions) and Mum would take him, coming out saying "cheeky little sod", he'd nip and fidget, buck and rear in his workouts!
I took him in the Night of Stars as a yearling as part of mums stud display, he was SO good for a baby it is such a daunting experience.
at the state champs that year it was so close between him and another colt (Bevanlee Dauntless), the judge asked for a 2nd workout! only...Ricki wouldnt walk, only prance lol so we settled for reserve!
At the Toodyay Show we came a defeated 2nd place, after Ricki played up so bad he almost reared on top of the judge :eek:

He sounds dangerous, but he was really just playful, he had such a character and I loved him to bits. I wanted to keep him on as a stud colt, for myself. But after discussing at length with mum, we just couldnt house 4 stallions, and she offered me his father (to co-own) if I would agree to geld Ricki. Very reluctantly, I agreed, and planned to keep Ricki as a riding horse.
So he was gelded, I was disappointed but I loved him so much that any way i could keep him I would.
A few days later I went out to feed him and noticed swelling, severe swelling. I bought him into a smaller yard, & we rang the vet, I sat with him cuddling him for a few minutes before we went to feed our other horses, we grabbed a needle of penicillan to give him when we got to his yard on our rounds.
As we pulled up in the ute, I saw he was lying down, I swear I saw him lift his head and took a breath thinking he was ok, just sleeping.... but he wasnt, when I got to him, he was gone.
My heart broke. I cried over his body til it was dark and mum dragged me away. :(

I could never have another horse like him, he was one in a million and not a day goes by that I dont wish I'd never had him gelded, he would still be with me today. I will never have the same bond or relationship with another horse in my life. I just wish I could have had more time with him.

RIP Krystelle Park Providence - Aka Ricki.
Aug 2001 - Feb 2003

At the state champs 2002

Our 2nd place at Toodyay Show


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Wow, there have been some great stories on here. I think Shell is going to have her work cut out for her picking a winner out of this lot. Glad I am not in her shoes.:p

Well I think I have contacted everyone at least once so far. If I have missed you then please send me a pm and include your email address so that I can send you your horse's page. I have counted 26 horses so far so hopefully I have included everyone.

Good luck everyone and if you are reading this and still thinking about whether you should put your story up, please do before it is too late. I am hoping when this is put all together in the "book" it will make good reading, at least for stockies anyway :p .


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i would like to enter my sab :)
I got sab when he was 9yrs old. He was a Race horse till he was 8 and also gelded when he was 8. he was then bought by a beginner who he took advantage of and they ended up petrified of him. the day i went to try him we just bonded immediatly, he did things theyd never seen him do and was just so willing to please me. i had my dramas buying him because after seeing us together they didnt want to sell him. i was devestated cause i felt our bond together and really wanted him. Fortunatly (on my behalf haha) he kept getting naughtier and they changed their minds and i bought him.
So i went and got him and we went to his new agistment. poor little sab, id had him less than an hour and my mare booted him in his jaw. he bit his tongue and their was blood everywhere so that was our first, first aid treatment together lol but those two became the best of friends and were inseparable.
Sab has so much courage and hes very bold. although somethings scary hell get us past it without flipping out to much. you can almost see his little brain ticking over thinking bout whats more important lol i trust him with my life anywhere on the ground, in the saddle out on a trail, in a new place, over cross country, getting over those rails that are just a bit to big but hell try his heart out for me.
Weve had our ups and downs. being gelded late he can be a bit of a hand full coming into spring and we have our arguements about getting that lead right or not bobbing our head when we go round the arena lol but all in all i love him to death and wouldn't swap him for anything. hes such a character and i love seeing his face light up everytime he sees me :)
this is my boy :)



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You showed me love you showed me pain
To wish you back would be in vain
The rides we had along the river
Your gentle nicker would make me shiver

Your beauty to me was the horse defined
You gave your best
You were all mine

If we could start all over again
I'd wrap my arms around you
I'd kiss your gentle velvety nose
And take all the time in the world to admire you

But you were not mine you never were
Just lent to me, now you can soar
High above where others run free
With champions like Phar Lap and Galilee,

Rest in peace now Roly in grassed filled lanes
I'll miss you big boy, my darling Rulain

13th August 1999 - 24th October 2008



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After writing about Mist in another thread, I thought I might add his story here too.
My first true love was Mistyman(Desert Mystery aka Mist). Throughout all of my childhood all I wanted was a horse of my own. I wished on every birthday cake, every chicken wishbone and every falling star. On my 14th birthday I got my presents from my family and thought the day was finished. That afternoon I was asked by my parents to try a horse out for some boy who was wanting a horse. I went and rode this horse and I remember being so angry that this boy was getting a horse and I would never end up being lucky enough to get my own horse. I rode the horse and told them that he seemed quiet enough, as I was about to dismount my mother gave me a note. It said. Hello, my name is Desert Mystery and I am a part arab gelding. I am 7yrs old and I dont kick, bite, bolt or rear and I am all yours, Happy Birthday I remember this horse turned into the greatest horse in the world in a split second because now he was mine.

We went to pony club(1981) once (we rode there and I had my brushes and hay in a back pack) and we were told not to bother coming back as we werent suitable . We entered an ALL Gelding show(early 1980's) once in Harvey, but we had no chance lol. We never did anything more than trail ride, we were both bush hacks, happy to ride out alone just exploring the bush, where ever we happened to be living.

He was my best friend, confidant, and some days my only reason for living and getting out of bed. He listened to my every secret and knew when I just needed him to be there for a hug. His mood was the same everyday of his life. He could be ridden everyday or once every 12 months and he was the same.

He was agisted in so many places in his life and I always promised him that he would always be with me. Six yrs ago we finally bought our own property and Mist and his best mate of 20+yrs Loleta moved paddocks for the very last time. I promised them both that they would never have to leave here. Three yrs ago we moved into the house we built on our property and I finally had Mist and Loleta in my OWN backyard. Life was perfect, but deep down I knew we were living on borrowed time as Mist was getting on in his 30's and Loleta was only 4yrs younger.

7.30pm 2nd June 2007 I lost my best mate. That morning it was a beautiful sunny day. I let the horses out into the big front paddock and they cantered all over and I thought to myself that I should take some pics as Mist looked so good, but I didnt. At 6pm I went out to feed the horses and Mist was laying down, I thought that it was very strange but called out to him and he got up immediately. I came back inside telling my OH that I felt terrible for waking Mist up from an evening nap. I went back outside to feed and Mist was down again. I knew then that it was bad. I raced out to him and he sat up but didnt get up. I screamed out to my OH to call the vet. The vet said he would be there in 40mins. I put the halter on Mist and he got up and walked to his yard. I walked him until the vet got there (6.50pm)and he never once tried to lay down.

The vet said it was colic and we drenched Mist and he didn't improve. I was crying and begging with Mist to keep fighting, he would walk then start to drop to his knees then he would get up and keep walking again. He wouldn't let me touch his head and I knew that it was bad. Loleta was in the yard with us as I kept walking Mist, she seemed to know that she should be in with him. The vet said that maybe we should get him on a float and take him to the vets in Bunbury (35mins away) but I had promised Mist that he would never leave the property and somehow I knew that he wouldnt make the trip.

A few minutes later Mist dropped to the ground and just laid there. I looked into his eye and I knew at very moment it was time to say goodbye and let him go. I called to my OH to get our kids to come and say goodbye and then while I was holding Mist and patting him the vet gave him the green dream. He went so peacefully and I stayed there laying beside him stroking his face for hours that night. I was too scared to leave him incase the drugs didnt work and he woke up(stupid huh :(). I remember my OH and some friends bring me a rug to lay over Mist and another rug to wrap around me. Later they bought me a hot cup of milo as it was the middle of winter and freezing, but I wasn't feeling the cold as I was just so heartbroken. The next morning Loleta was still in the yard with Mist and I let Holly our pony out and she went in the yard and smelt Mist and then she and Loleta left the yard and started grazing close to the yard. Friends came over shortly after and I left for a while and they with my OH moved Mist and buried him on our property with Loleta and Holly watching.

I miss him everyday and I know I will never get over losing him. I am lucky that I have still have Loleta and thanks to Gaias gelding Gigs has given her a reason to live again after losing Mist. They had been paddocked together for over 20yrs. She is 31 and I know that she wont be here for many more yrs. I don't know if I will continue with horses once Loleta has gone. Its hard to imagine finding another horse that will make my heart soar again.

I have his bridle hanging in my bedroom and some of his tail lays on a cabinet in our lounge. His first and only set of shoes will one day hang beside our front door and a photo of his face looking at me is my screensaver and my desktop pic. I didnt write this to win, I wrote this to help me get over losing him.

Thankyou CMSporthorses for giving those of us who have lost a best friend and those of us that still have our best friends with us the chance to get it down in words.
Mist Jan 2007 aged 33yrs

Mist Feb 2007 aged 33yrs
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All my previous posts were wiped, so I'm re-submitting this entry before the clock strikes midnight...

What can I say about this horse?

How does one put down in words the partnership, devotion, connection ... and then the heartache of saying goodbye. The double edged sword of joy and pain. Only the void remains, and all I do is fill it with his memory now.

Memories of how he partnered me through years of lessons, gruelling exams and trips across the Nullabor. Memories of his smell, his moods, his sounds. His heart. And now his soul, which I feel from time to time, whenever the moment visits.

He was my everything.
Not sure when (or why) he left me - or if was me that actually left him - but he was well & truly 'present' in this photo.

Resting in peace... my Khan xx


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this is wiley:

ive had wiley since the start of this year. i remember the first day i saw him. i'd heard about second chance getting involved with a massive herd of horses that had been left to their own devices and decided that i should go up and see what was on offer when they announced a sale was to be held. i didnt end up buying anything at the sale as the only horses i was interested in were stallions but after about a week i decided to go back and have a private viewing of the remaining herds.

when i got there the owners had rounded a herd into a yard and were in the process of trying to catch some of the wild youngsters. they invited me into the yard to check out a few horses that they thought would be suitable for what i wanted to do. while i was trying to get closer to a skittish young bay i walked past wiley and noticed that he was looking at me. i turned around, let him sniff my hand and then continued walking after the bay horse. next thing i know ive got a shadow behind me. i tried to ignore him for a while but he just kept getting in the way. everytime i got within 5 meters of a horse i liked he'd butt in and say hi. i eventually gave up on looking at the others because i was getting nowhere fast and concentrated on wiley. straight away i realised that he wasnt what i was after at all. he was fat, short, brown, had poor conformation and was completely unhandled... yet there was something about him. he'd chosen me to be his slave and i had no choice but to say yes to him :p

there have been times where ive wanted to throw in the towel (ie: when he jumped out of his 4'6 steel yard the day he got there and wouldnt let us near him for 3 days... or when he ripped his leg to shreds before we had taught him to lead on a halter... or when he tried to climb the 4'6 fence when he woke up from his leg op). but he's taught me so much and i wouldnt trade my time with him for anything :)


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id also love to enter my beautiful boy beau:

beau doesnt have as long a story as wiley (ok he does but i have to be up in under 3hrs to take him to a show so i'll keep it short :p). he was bought from the stables yanchep when they closed down. i'd worked and ridden at yanchep for years so was eager to buy one of my favourite horses as a bit of a memento of my time there. unfortunately all my favourites had already been sold by the time i went up to look and i was left with a handful of horses to choose from, one of them being beau. id ridden him before and thought he was fun so i bought him... probably wasnt the smartest thing ive ever done as he had to be off the property within 3 days and i had no agistment, transport or gear lined up for him but im 100% glad i did it. :D

words cant describe what this horse means to me. he's my best friend and soul mate and i wouldnt change him for the world :) **) :)
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