Competition - Win a Portrait for Christmas


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Ok guys, heres a chance for you.....

Win a Pencil Portrait of your horse for Christmas.

I will do someone an 8 x 10 inch lead pencil portrait of their horses head.

All you have to do is put a submission in this thread about your horse, your connection with your horse, and why this horse in particular is so special to you.

You may enter more than once if you have more than one horse - but each submission must be about ONE horse, and you must post a nice head shot of your horse in the thread as well.

Head shots of the horse must be clear, showing the finer details etc...

This will be open til the 1st November.

You can see my 'style' on my website.... whpindex

Ok, so go for it folks! :)


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Seeing as no one else is going first I'll go
This is my first horse Buddy. When I got him he had been off the track for about 9 months and the place I got him from wasn't exactly the nicest place in the world. When I first bought him the day we bought him home he early killed him self running in and out of trees as he hadn't been in a big paddock for a long time. The first time I rode him out was with a friend and he looked after me the whole time even with kangaroos jumping around. He always tries his hardest even if he is scared he will still try just to please me. I am never going to part with him his the best horse I have ever had.

Cheers Jade


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Ok well I will enter my girl Venus. I purchased her over a year ago as I had to retire my old dressage horse. We had a very rocky start. She didn't want to float and was a handful on the ground especially when she was in season. Over the last year we have done a lot of ground work and training clinics and she is a changed horse. I have gone from hating her for being so difficult and marish at times to absolutely loving every moment with her now. I seem to forever be coming hoem with a huge smile as we have had another big accomplishment. I think we just hit a point about 5-6 months ago where something clicked with both of us and we found are place in the relationship. She looks to me now when she is scared or not sure of a new situation. She floats like a dream (thanks geoff) and our dressage work has come along very nicely and she really tries hard for me under saddle. The last week I have been even taking her for little walks in the bush. Now this might not sound like much but I am a very nervous rider but we have reached a point where I trust her and she looks after me. I love all her little quirks and the funny faces she pulls and wouldn't give her up for the world. To top it all off she has not only chnaged for me but is a much sweeter horse for everyone else to deal with and will happily let you come have a pat in her paddock even if she is eating which was a no go before. We are about to start our competitive dressage career and I hope our relationship continues to grow.



I'll enter Levi

I've had Levi for 4 years now and we have a pretty special connection. He always comes to the fence looking for me if he hears my voice, he always tries hard to do what I want him to. When I was pregnant he would protect me, hunting away any other horse that came near me and 'guarding' me at shows (when Candi rode him) by threatening to kick any horse that came too close. He leapt between me and a dog that came racing up to have a go at him at the beach and sent it packing. Now with my daughter he's the same, protecting her from the other horses. I ride him saddle and bridless about the paddock and he will try things for me he'll refuse for another rider. He is very gentle natured and puts up with just about anything. He is very carefull and obliging for the young autistic girl that sometimes visits and is very careful around children and the elderly - he always knows if somebody is vulnerable and never takes advantage yet he loves to play games with people who are quite capable, just to test them out but will never do anything that could hurt or badly frighten somebody. I can trust him entirely and I'll never part with him.


Spider n Toby

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I would like to enter with Zeph**)

After years and years, of begging my parents for a horse my life suddenly changed when at the age of 13 they told me I could get one, however there were 3 conditions - I had to have agistment ready to go, a job to support him, and money saved up in case I needed it for emergency.

I got myself a very good job, found an awesome agistment and began saving. I always had my eye on Zeph ( I really don't know why, I just did! ) He was for sale though, out of my price range. I spoke to his owner on msn and she had said she had found a home for him. Heartbroken but understanding I tried to get over him.
A week later she said the home didn't work out and he would be up for lease but experienced person only. As I was looking for my first horse I knew I wouldn't be suitable. She then changed her mind and put him up for lease ( a couple of weeks later ) But she said she had a list of people wanting him. Somehow, and I don't know how but we got talking about the possibility of me leasing him. And that's just what I did! I honestly couldn't believe it. I had my very first ride on him at his home and just fell in love with him.

Within 2 weeks he was coming to my agistment!! I couldn't get over my excited. At EXACTLY 9:27am Friday the 29Th of December Zeph came to me. He was my Christmas present.

He got off the float, and was pretty skinny, lacked muscle, coat condition and seemed dull. After fussing about with him the whole money I had arranged the Bowen lady to come out and give him the once over. She told me straight out ' He has a lot of problems - But I'm sure you can help him through it Lauren' Within 40minutes of his first Bowen he got personality! and was being cheeky! LOL This was the start of our wonderful relationship.

I found it very hard paying for him all by myself included the Bowen treatment ( was 13/14 at the time ) and I still pay for him by myself. We can't go to shows much as unfortunately my budget doesn't really allow it - But I know I have my parents 110% support and help..

Then one night on msn in March Alex (previous owner ) Asked what I wanted for my Birthday ( which was in April ) and she announced she was giving zeph to me for my birthday!!! I couldn't believe it and couldn't thank her enough. She had told me that she knew Zeph was happy with me and we were going so well and didn't want to take him off me. So on Sunday the 14Th March, we handed over $1 and Zeph was mine... ALL MINE! YAY

Months later, we got to our first show - I wasn't going to go.. After some people told me ' He was useless, a donkey and to get rid of him!! ' But I did go, and came home with 3x 1 sts, 1 x 2n and 3 thirds - The best ever ribbons/show as I knew I had worked for it all by myself..

He is now, a big, happy healthy horse and I couldn't love him anymore - We still have our ups n downs ( Sunday 23rd December 07 he cut a vein and needed stitches.. You can guess where my Christmas money went! hahaha )

I love him so much - I will never leave him. People never understood for why my first horse I got a 16.2h skinny thoroughbred.. I now have a life partner and will never leave him!

Love you forever Zeph! Our 2 yr anniversary on the 29Th December! LOL LOL

Pic editied by Beccaboo!:p

Sorry I've wrote so much! :eek:


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This is my Bessie, Sadly i lost her earlier this year, she was one in a million a mare with true heart and fire, put a nervous kid on her and she would never ever let you down, put a smart alec on her she would put them on the ground.

This little girl did it all, countless champions and supremes, rounding up sheep, show hunter, evented, show jumping, beach pony praties for sick kids, ponyclub, my rideon feeding up when i had my leg in plaster, I loved her to absolute peices as did all that were close to her,

She taught me one of the greatest lesons -to always ask nicely, not to tell, your aids would have to say, "could you please canter"- never "canter now".
She was independant yet loyal, To ride her was always a privllige.

But i think her greatest gift of all, was her son Brynn, the last of her damm's line. He has her fire and that welsh spirit, if he grows up to be half the horse she was, i will be truely blessed.



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This is my 3 year old man PUD i call him PUDALICIOUS he is a T/bred and was a really bad race horse lol.
He has a beautiful nature on ground and under saddle for a three yr old. I had had a break from horse riding after havin my first child at a young age then we went on to have 2 more children so by the time i got back into riding i had had an 11 year break, so i was very nervous when i got offered pud.
I went to see him and i took all my kids my youngest was still in a pram, we walked up to his paddock and he was snorting and carring on at the pram but i fell in love he was absolutly stunning.
we had a great connection from the start which grew as time went on not only with me but with my kids as well, its like he knew he had to be gentle as they were children and he would act like an old man being so very careful with them. Pud very quickly became part of our family and is my life and my love we love you heaps pudman.
And you will be with us foreva


Well I'll have to put my stallion Hootchie up.

nearly 2 years now and we've had our fair share of ups and downs. The first 8 months I was wondering what the hell I'd gone and done buying a stallion (he pole drove me into the ground numerous times over the first 3 months) but time and perserverence we are now going super.

We won our first cutting competition together 2 weeks ago and i finally feel like we are working together reather than 2 sperate enities.

I now feel privileged to own such a quiet, placid, spunky man and what an adrenaline rush working him on a cow. He's a

Wouldn't trade him for the world.

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well i'll definatly enter my pony libby.

ive had her 6 years now and shes the best thing thats ever happened to me shes my baby. started out a little rocky with both me being nervous and her testing me out.

when we got over that little detail we came on in leaps and bounds. we have competed in all sorts of events from showjumping to western to dressage. all getting a good result. currently doing everything we can think of and still gong strong at 21years and doesnt show her age at all.

shes the one thing that can always calm me down and a canter on her makes all my problems go away.



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Beautiful guys!! Keep them coming!!! If you need to update on anything or add a picture, can you please do it in your original post and say that you edited to add stuff etc, just so that I dont get too confused going through it all! :)


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Oh lovely photos everyone...good luck to the best photo wins! I haven't decided whether I put up some photos of Cullen as yet! I don't have a real close up photo of Cullen at this stage.


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well i'll put mine in with other pics, will need to take some head shots!

Ineravon Tom Kitten (my 2nd pony)

Tom is my first and truest friend, he is the most special pony i have ever met and without him i can truly say i wouldnt be around today. I first got Tom when i was 16 and he was 8 he was a beautiful fat riding pony who was going to waste in his paddock but was everything i wanted both height, colour and gender wise.

I was able to get him after a disastrous first pony who hated me and tried to through me off all the time esp in jumping!

Tom is the most affectionate one person pony i have met and knew from the first week that I was his and our journey has been one of progressing leaps and bounds. I got him just after the rough times of my parents splitting up and then divorcing but i was on a downwards spiral hating the world and very depressed.

Tom was there for me through all my hardships and was always there for a cry in his mane and lots of hugs, we progressed as horse and rider in a partnership through placing and winning in dressage and hacking coming out in numerous Champions and Reserves with him always knowing we were somewhere "special" and turning it on when needed.

We learnt together how to jump again as i taught him how to jump and do stridings and got my confidence back to go higher and higher and further with him trying our hands at novelties, hunter trials and anything we could with him always trying his heart out for me.

Tom is my very best friend and the most beautiful pony i have ever met who is "goey" for the advanced riders but knows when he has less experienced people on him and treads ever so carefully, without him i wouldnt have been able to turn around our rescue pony whom Tom has just looked after since we got him and showed him that people are alright.

He is the most tolerant pony i have met and puts up with the young pony biting him, pulling no his rugs, mane and tail and following him everywhere without getting angry at him.

I will always love you forever Tom and you will never ever be sold.

our first ever show in 05 i think.

crap position on my behalf haha but summer series dressage 07

our first cross country day


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Ok here is our big girl, name credit to stockies ppl ;)

Splash of Shiraz aka Shaz.

Raz is our big special girl, one who i believe we are truly lucky to have and i will never ever forget anything she has taught me. She is a girl we bought a few yrs ago who is the most beautifully educated horse i have ever met who unfortunately hit a HUGE bump in her rd where someone (man) severly traumatised this poor girl.

This girl (as you will see in the pics) came to us underweight, headshy, girthy, fearful and with loads of scars and marks upon her. I think it shows a huge plus in her temperament that she was able under our care and love to improve and retrust in humans again at such an older age of around 13 yrs old.

She had been caught up in a fence and has a scar where her chest was ripped open, scars on her hindlegs and gets scared if anything like straps go below her hocks, badly fitting saddle marks and a broken wither.

Underneath all that was a horse who had education and a willingness to trust again, after about a yr of getting all her trust back and weight on her we set about riding her up into fitness for shows, unfortunately due to other horses she has never been in full work long enough to do numerous shows but has done a few successfully and is a fantastic jumper.

It was my belief in her that stopped dad from selling her on from other peoples comments and she has truly bloomed and i believe having and riding her is a true privelige and we have i believe this wonderful respectful bond of eachother which has allowed our partnership to grow and her fearlessness in jumping anything and everything has taken us further.

This is a girl who will live out the rest of our days together and i hope to get us into a succesful show jumping career from next yr onwards.

Shiraz after we had had her for about 6 months and she'd put on a tonne of can still see the fear in her eyes.

Shiraz from her growing into a beautiful girl onwards!



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I would like to enter my horse Remy.

Remy will be 23 yrs old in November and has been with me since he was 5. He is by the first Friesian in Australia, Lyckle B, out of a TB dam (Vinvara).

Remy came to my via a friend who needed some agistment. When he first arrived I thought, what a funny looking fellow! Black and hairy and chunky. Not like my TB at all. :) It only took me a few weeks to totally warm to the Friesian Warmblood temperament. What a cool dude.

Over the years, we have done everything together. Ridden for miles and miles all over the Brigadoon hills, attended rallies at the Gnangara Adult Equestrian Club (Remy is the longest serving horse there, notching up his 15th year this year!), competed in Associate dressage, low level eventing, unofficial hack shows, barrell racing, even an endurance ride. There is nothing that Remy and I haven't done or won't have a go at, often with some success.

Remy is renowned throughout our Club as the reliable, steady fellow who accompanies younger horses on their first rides out, or the solid campaigner at ARCA interclub challenges. He's dependable and yet has a naughty streak that makes him endearing and a real character.

What makes Remy particularly special to me is that I nearly lost him to a stroke in December 2004. I was away in Sydney for work and my Mum, who knows nothing about horses, found him in his yard, straddling the water trough, blind and confused. The vet was called immediately, diagnosed a stroke and said he needed to be put down. My Mum was horrified, as I was not around to make the decision or say goodbye, so the vet said he could be made comfortable until the next day, when I returned. Well, blow me down, the next day, his blindness had cleared and he'd begun to eat. By the time I got home, he was almost back to normal, incredibly tired but alive!

Remy is indeed a miracle horse who has given me so much joy over the past 18 yrs. Remy, or Lyckle B's Rembrandt if you want to get formal, is a legend and can never be replaced. And so damn spunky too! :)

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i would l to enter my beautiful pony sparky,he is the bestest friend i have ever had.i bought him 2 years ago from a riding school were he was only being ridden once a week and that was by me,he would play up and be naughty when ever he had anyone else ride him but when i rode him he was a angel.i knew from the first time i rode him that me and him had a very special bond and we was made for each was about 2 and a half years ago and i had booked a flight to move back to england as i was very home sick and missed my pony over there alot,we had everythink sorted out sachool,accomodation everythink and a week before i went i had a phone call from my riding instructor saying sparky was for sale just to warn me when i came back to australia to visit my mum and dad taht he wouldnt be with her any more.......and all taht night i cried and thought i will never see this pony again,he is my dream pony i have always wanted a palomino........then i thought i will cancel my flight and buy this pony of my dreams so that is what i did and within a week or so he was mine and we were ready to have some fun :)the first year i had him i found it hard and we had ups and downs i lost my confidence riding him but with help i had it back and was soon out and about with first ode was 2007 in march and we did e grade and i was so nervous i was crying and scared but i believed in this pony and i knew he would look after me and that is exactly what he did if he felt me slipping he slowed down waited till i got my balance and of we went again,t was the best ride i had ever had.the end of last year we did a training day at murray pc and it was my first c grade and going into the first jump he got his feet stuck in the mud infront of it(it had been raining all week)so was very boggy and he fell into the jump and his nose was touching the floor on the other side and i fell over his head and he came over after me standing on my leg every were,we was in the middle of xcountry so he could of galloped off as i ddnt have hold of him but no not sparky he stoood next to me with his nose on my leg and licking my leg he knew i was hurt and stayed with me.we are now wroking up to c grade for next year that is out goal and WE WILL MAKE IT.this is what i call andpony and rider with a special bond he is my baby boy and he knows how to cheer me up when im down...he has kept me here in australia and i carnt thank him enough.i love you sparky for ever x0x0x0



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That is a lovely pic of Khan, Taylorc

I would like to enter Ben, he was a very special horse.
I bought Ben 5yrs ago as a serious dressage partner and we very quickly became friends, he was a great reliable horse to ride and a lovable giant
It wasnt long before we were out competing and getting scores in the 70% ranges
I dont know if anyone has ever seen a big cityite warmblood doing sheep work but dear old Ben thought he was pretty hot at it :D though cows we could keep though...
Even though Ben having me on board was a handicap, we were soon winning Prelimany and Novice champions and highest percentages at comps comulating in being awarded the Great Southern Dressage Horse of the Year!! that same year the first disaster struck us when a huge swelling appeared on Bens head just below his eye, a trip to Murdoch gave us the shocking news that he needed an operation for a paranasal cyst, whilst he was being operated on they found that he did not have an outlet for nasal fluid to discharge it had completely closed over causing the massive swelling and was starting to push his eye out of its socket..six months later we were back out winning Novice Champion at Katanning in 2006 and we also had our first start in Elementary
Unfortunately when we moved onto our new property we didnt have any fences so Ben was agisted out where he somehow damaged his anular ligament which put him out of action for nearly 8 months... disaster was chasing us hard as when i got him back in work, my farrier retired and I used a new one who cut the soles of his feet back way to far and we had all sorts of feet problems, Ben finally went to Perth at a friends place and was treated by a vet and farrier to overcome this problem, at the same time,someone also was interested in buying him so I had in my stupid thickhead that maybe I should, but as soon as he went over there I knew it was a mistake, and was absolutely delighted when she rang to say he was completely terrifying to ride ( :confused: my gorgeous loveable Ben) anyway back he went to my friends, some Bowen therapy another vet check, a clean bill of health, new shoes on and he was ready for me to travel to Perth to pick him up on the weekend to bring home when I had the phone call from my friend that still haunts me to this day.. I am crying even now as I type these aweful words..... "I am so very sorry Di, Ben has just broken his leg and has had to be put down" :(

This is something I can never forgive myself for....died 8th January 2008


I hope it is okay but I have added another pic as my pics arent very good :(
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