Calming supplements what ones work for your horse?


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Hi I have recently bought a TB who was on Calm Performer pellets and easy result both of which are not available here in WA. He can get a bit anxious when taken out or away from the other horses. Does anyone have any good experience with calming powders that can be feed on a daily basis and also calming paste or powder that can be given prior to an event? Thanks ';'


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Make sure his magnesium levels are balanced.

MagE powder is a good way to get them Magnesium, but will only be effective if they are deficient.


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I would 100% agree to look into horsemanship training and do some research, learn some training techniques to help your horse and for you too so that you will not have these issues. Cheers:)*


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I've fed Mag-E pre-comp to my horses with quite good results (follow dosage instructions). I sometimes pop a little into their feeds -depending on if I run out of my usual Kohnke Suppletment tub. On New Years Eve with all the maniacs illegally setting off fireworks in our area, I syringe over tongue with 'Behave' paste (as per instructions) and it appears to help.


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I haven't used it however have heard good things about Equifeasts Cool calm & Collected via friends that have used it.

Kodas Karen

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Horse training and rescue remedy would be a great combination.

If you were taking your mum out for a walk together and she made it clear she did not want to be with you, wouldn't you wonder why on earth? And then have a conversation with her and fix it? This is where good ground skills can help in the saddle.

Whatever you do, good luck!**)


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Just as in people, some horses, actually, every species of animals, can suffer with anxiety of some sort and it has to be treated by medication/supplements. Some comments made come across as though it is the owners fault due to lack of training. The crack about out walking with Mum, please, without medication my mother would refuse to leave her room even with the people she holds most dearest in her life. "Fixing things" sometimes can only be done with medication.
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