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Just wondering what supplements people use to help reduce stress and calm down a young mare that we are just starting to take out. I am feeding her camenmille(sp) but i feel she needs something else.

Last night we used a sachet of Good as Gold but it didnt appear to do much to help her



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I've used Good AS Gold too and didn't see any difference really. I've heard Settle 'Em works quite well but it has to be fed daily for about a week before hand.


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brewer's yeast in daily feeds, then good as gold the night before.

and drag your instructor along to talk you through your warm up! works every time.

and some rescue remedy for you before you jump on.


I like attitude blend by Country Park Herbs. Noticed a difference in my mare that I'm sure was not a placebo effect and the company was really nice to deal with. It is swabbable though, so be aware.


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I have a similar issue...

Have a gelding ottb, who becomes restless/stressed/inattentive when out. Naturally the rider doesn't help the nerves *#) I've used the Behave paste, which I've found to work ok, but recently started adding Endeavon B1 supplement to his feed... It contains Magnesium and Trytophan, both help in the "chill factor" **)

I feed half the required amount, and noticed a difference! The week before a competition, I will up the mineral (as per instructions), and although it doesn't make him dead quiet, I think it's helping. It's going to take him a while to get the hang of "going out" - he's just one of those horses :p

I hear people have good results on Manners (by Nature Vet) too :)


I've never found anything that really works. I've tried plenty of them on my mare sometimes I thought they were having an effect ... that was until I used them a 2nd or 3rd time and they had no effect at all.
I found what they did create was a placebo effect for the rider. If I convinced myself that the product was working, then I stayed more settled, I rode more effectively and things went well. How my horse reacted at an event also came down to the mood she was in on the day and the way other horses were behaving around her as she 'bounces' of others.
When someone comes across a product that coes with a 100% money back guarantee to work time after time, let me know and I'll buy a whole box *#)

I do agree with having your instructor there to help with the warm up. It can makes the world or difference. Also exposure, lots and lots of exposure without putting any pressure on the horse (or rider :p ).

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I found Karma to be the best. Good as Gold and ANY Triptophane based product made my filly worse!!! Chamomile ever night in there dinner, Karma for the week before show and morning of the show works a treat! also long term Magnesium will possibly help a LOT also;)


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My best remedy and advice is not to even buy a stressy/nervy horse as it usually leads to, or has other behavioural or veterinary/health problems. #:)))

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Good As Good never worked with the nervy TB I used to have . One sachet given once wouldn't be enough anyway. For my stressy Warmblood I have found magnesium supplement every day seems to work. If going to a comp or out for lesson or whatever, I add Endeavon B1 which I put in each feed for two days before. But the biggest help was changing from oaten chaff and hay to wheaten chaff and hay....very noticeably less hot on wheaten. By the way Chamomile was a complete waste a difference at all.


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this may sound weird but bananas are great. they have magnesium in them which helps calm them. i gave them to my tb :)


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My personal journey with calming supplements

Chamomile good for slightly nervy horses

Placid rein - great experience for me

Then had an incidental blood test which showed high potassium. This can inadvertantly lower magnesium b/c Mg is excreted more to get rid of K=

Started 1 scoop of salt and intially 2 scoops Mag E then maintence 1/2 to 1 scoop depending on rate of grass growth

New pony - recommended to most people at agistment many new ponies

Salt makes the horse drink more therefore excreting potassium (K+) and then replacing Mg( magnesium)

High potassium can be found in grass that is stress ie fast growing in spring


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I used Ranvets Settle em'. Winnie was put on it 6 weeks before his trip east and I kept him on for 4 weeks after he got here. Its vitamin B's. A calm approach in handling and everything you do around the horse also helps to calm them, but this will take time. You can phone Ranvet and talk to them they are qualified vets/ dieticians.


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trying everything here lol my mare is an angel at home , self loads in the float, terror during transport and total nut when away from home, I have tried all the supps and pastes with varying results,( none consistant) she really enjoys going out and will settle after 2 or so hrs but I would ike to have her calmer on the float( the tailgate cant take much more!) and the start of shows


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just use something high in vitamin B groups, have heard i tablespoon of yeast into there feeds helps calm horses?! maybe worth ago!

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We have great success with DAC Calm B. You pretty much have to feed it all season to keep it at a theraputic dose, but it is legal.

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