Busselton PonyTrots :)



We had a pony called Prince that used to do Pony trots he was a champion great for the kids to learn on cant for the life of me remeber his racing name apparently he was nasty as a troter


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i used to do pony trots had to finish a couple years ago though, still miss it, was so much fun. :)*
i ponytrotted Adams Idol, but also drove a few others (Alawoona Patchwork, Why Worrie Woody, Real Mccoy, Rikitikitarvi in one race and Little Legend in one race.), i still have Adams Idol he still thinks hes a ponytrotter when i put the cart on him. :)


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whats the maximum height/age to do pony trots? :p i was going to get into it a few years back, but never happened. i'd love to go see them at gloucester park one day :)


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RW, you can do it until you are 16. I used to race a quick pony "Driving Miss Bayley" at GP. Then I raced "Farmor" and "Local Hero" down at Pinjarra for a couple of years. Absolutely miss it!

Piwi, do you still keep in touch with the Millen's? Would love to catch up with Adam!

I will have to go and take photos of the photos :p

I used to do pony trots back in the day at byford and glouster park.. My brother drove Black Magic (aka Fizzy) and i drove Limehill Velvet Sky (sky)..

I also did clerk of the course on my horse Apples.. :)

I am going back a few years now though..
Hi, I still own Limehill Velvet Sky