Breast Cancer browbands + a browband available


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My mum had breast cancer last year......... THANK GOD they got it all and with treatment she is ok, and so far is going really well and they are pleased with her............ fingers crossed it stays that way...........

My dads sister (my auntie) also had breast cancer a few years ago........

So of course I have to go get checked every year too being at high risk........

One of our friends has been dealing with it for a couple of years now too..... shes in her early 30s has two young daughters and a lovely hubby and the whole community has rallied around for them........

They have to go to Adelaide for treatment - 800km away.......

So, there have been a few fund raisers around for her, and also a few people who have had cars for sale have said in the ads for their cars - $XXXXX for the car. $X goes to seller, $XX goes to ***........... which is REALLY nice of them!!!!


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Tara I think your breast cancer browbands are a FANTASTIC IDEA!! good on you ! Im thinking of setting up a little stall at the next mundi markets and taking a whole heap of mine down there (since its just around the corner from me) so if you want to make a few extra of your breast cancer ones I can pick them up from you and take them down there as well for you,.....I think they will sell well, especially as part proceeds going to such a good cause!! great idea :)* :)*


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about the house-sitting?? Yep, cant give you any exact dates though sorry, we have to wait till we know what holiday leave Paul can get. Will hold you to it though he he he ;) If you're not available, thats cool.


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Have sent you an email!

(as long as its not between the 19th and 26th of november I should be ok to do it!)

Que Sera Sera

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I like the one on the chestnut the red/gold a bit further down :)

Whatever you do dont put black on a black pony :)

blues,aqua,red all those colours look good **)

oohhh I like the red and gold one, it needs more bling. What about the one hoolie is wearing but on a baby blue base? Daughter's vest it baby blue (Hmmmmm I could always buy a new vest LOL)


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Tara what a lovely idea. A friend of the family just died from breast cancer.

If I knew how big Ally was going to get I would order that first one. Its very nice.
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