Breaking 3 year old gelding


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Would you have any advice please. Have brought a 3rd year old gelding to professional trainer to be broken and riding. Overall reports that he has a great step, big powerful horse, very good over pole but is very childish for his age. One day will ride ok but next easily distracted won't move also has a habit of biting. Has been with the trainer 7 weeks recommends we take him back let him out in paddock for a couple of months to see if he matures. Then bring him back for further two weeks during summer. Would really like to hear others opinions.


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Your trainer probably know best. But out of curiosity, What breed is he? Does he get worked forward and through bush, beach or track type work or is he restricted to tight and light movements in an arena? I assume going by the date that the horse has been brought back into work- how is he now?
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My best trail mare, at three years old was just not ready. I did exactly what you're describing after I'd put about 6 months on her. She was willing and good natured but very immature. I turned her out for 6 months and broke her completely at 4. She's almost 8 now and is the best trail horse we have.
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