Bio-nic Pain Relief


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The Bio-nic pain control massager offers drug free pain relief. With six different massage settings including Tapping, Acupuncture, Strike, Kneading, Cupping and Combination it is used for Pain Releif, Arthritis, Circulation, Muscle Fatigue and Injury, Toning and Muscle growth and recovery.

It is a handheld pocket unit that comes in 5 flash colours with two sets of pads and a charger.

A must have for anyone with any form of pain.

RRP $185 sold by Equestricare and used by horsey personalities such as Melody from Magic Browbands, Kristina Parthezius Europa, Sophie Warren 3* Eventer.

Buy online at Equestrian Professional Australia - Equine Therapeutic Products - Rider Products or email [email protected] :D
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