backing up on the trail


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Hi I have a 6 year old standard bred gelding never paced or tried he is great to ride in the arena but has always been ridden out with other horses and now will only go backward when I try to take him out by himself please help!!thanks


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It can be a tricky one but if the horse trusts and respects the rider it will go wherever it's told to go. When I didn't have total respect and obedience from my boy I had all sorts of trouble but by using groundwork I established myself as his leader and now he will follow me, or carry me, to the ends of the earth (with only an occasional reminder required)!

Indigo Williams

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i have two geldings with extreme separation anxiety who would both try to throw riders that tried to separate them. I solved the problem by removing them from each other gradually.
You could try riding out with just one other horse and slowly letting them get further away, and always bringing them back again in-between. If he knows that he will always get to be back with his friends it helps. I even take every opportunity when i am taking them both out to ride around obstacles that put each other out of sight.

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