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At what age would you/do you send your horses away for leg restraint training and/or hard tying? Who would you recommend?
Leg restraint training

Hi pink pony sorry for the late reply. Personally I start leg restraint training from a few months old. Leg restraint training puts a great foundation on any young horse and takes the yank and panic out of the equation should the horse get a leg stuck in a fence. A verry valuable lesson that can save a lot of money in vet bills let alone the horses life. It also makes the best shoeing horses as a horse has to learn to stand on three legs and will then never have to lean on the farrier. Hard tying is also very important as any horse that has truely learnt to give will follow you anywhere on a lead or stand all day without ever pulling back therefore never endangering itself. A horse that has never been thought to hard tie will always test things out and pull back especially when startled or spooked.


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As young as possible. It is much easier to train a smaller foal than a full grown horse with its own ideas about restriction and ropes.

Some disagree, but the training at this age can be seen as short term pain for long term gain - it saves many horses from a fatal fence fate.

Having worked with too many horses who have learned to lean back and snap twine, I would always prefer a pony who hard ties.
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