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That is a REALLY good price.......hmmm...I might start a new bank account that i cant touch....

KC Quarter horses - Can I ask how big your arena is? i have seen the pics (L>O>V>E>L>Y!) but I can remember if you said how big it was...


The arena is 50m x 50m & I thought the cattle rail was very reasonably priced also. It was actually cheaper than black iron, looks good, has no sharp edges......we are happy with it :)

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We are just in the middle of getting our arena done. I am using the PVC Post & Rail fencing Looks great comes with a lifetime warranty and to do a 40x20 arena it is about $3,500 to $4,000 dollars depending on whether you use 2 or 3 rail fencing. Ours is getting core drilled into the limestone block surround so will sit flush with the limestone. Cannot post a pic until next week when its finished!**)


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What does everyone use for their arena fence?

We are levelling out my riding area with our new (old) tractor this weekend, and I'm after some ideas on what to fence it with.

It will share a long side with the paddock so it needs to be good enough to hold horses in.

I was wondering if pickets with the sleeves are safe enough to use, what I was concerned about was in will the plastic hold up if me or horsey falls on to it, or will the plastic break resulting in a horrific picket injury ??

Another option was timber posts and tape/rope, but the whole post hole digging into solid rock thing is putting me off.

Any ideas???

Oh and it doesn't need to be flash so no post and rail lol. It's my mums property so just something safe and workable really.
Have you looked into HDPE fencing? Its more expensive than vinyl but WAY safer... IMHO vinyl should never be used for horses. My husband and I just built a riding arena with about 1000 ft of fencing from forever farm products and we love it! Its pretty like vinyl but requires less maintenance and is guaranteed to never crack or shatter or splinter. I had never heard of HDPE before (I had to do some serious googling) but apparently its really common in parks and rec projects because its so heavy duty.
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